Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recent NOTD: OPI Pink of Hearts

Nails of the day posts have been scarce this month because I've been mostly just been wearing treatment products to try and help my nails recover from all the abuse I put them through on vacation—wearing wet gloves, helping out with condo improvement projects, that sort of thing. Right now I'm sporting two coats of Orly Nailtrition, but before that I went with a subtle pink so as not to attract attention to the peelie spots. This particular pink is OPI Pink of Hearts 2010, released for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this past October.

For this mani, I used one coat each of Orly Nailtrition, American Classics Gelous (which I was trying out for the first time), Pink of Hearts, and Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. I was pleased that the color wasn't streaky with a single coat like pale shades can sometimes be. The Gelous did a pretty good job of smoothing out my peelies, though I'm not sure it's as effective as Instant Artificials at that task as it didn't seem quite as thick.

There was a time when I mostly wore pale and sheer colors like this; now I find them nice for a change of pace but am ready to get back to my glitters and more flashy shades. I'm trying to be patient and give the treatment a chance to work, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it the full two weeks called for on the bottle of Nailtrition.


  1. Pretty! It's a nice palette cleanser.

  2. That's really light! I almost got this one not too long ago.

  3. It's a pretty color and would be go so as to not draw attention to the "peelies", but it's a little frosty for my tastes.

  4. I am really liking this color and I think it complements you skin tone very nicely!

  5. I'm not one for sheer polishes, but I like this one. It's delicate and pretty. Looks lovely with your skin tone too.

  6. Do you find that Nailtrition is working for you? I was using it for awhile and I felt I was getting just as many splits as without a treatment.

  7. Thanks, ladies!

    Megan, it does bear a resemblance to an old school frost, true. I have a bit of a soft spot for those since they were everywhere when I started wearing nail polish.

    Jennifer, I haven't managed to give Nailtrition a full test yet, as I keep getting distracted and not following through with using it for two weeks at a time like the bottle directs. The one time I did use it for almost a full week, I think my nails did look better at the end of that time.

  8. That looks very subtle and no brush strokes is a great feature ! Although I have a feeling I wouldn't like it on my nails.


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