Monday, April 25, 2011

Pop Beauty Nail Glam

I'm not sure when my Ulta started carrying Pop Beauty. I discovered it several weeks ago, when I came across a single bottle someone had abandoned in the drugstore brands section and asked a sales associate if there were more somewhere. She walked me over to the prestige cosmetics side of the store, where I spend very little time, and pointed out this display (which had sadly already been defaced by some person who doesn't know how to behave in public):

It was like someone deliberately chose colors to stock that they knew I'd like. Over the course of my next three or four visits, I got all of them but the pink (Pinkest) and bright purple (Violetta).

Left to right: Pink Glitz, Ultraviolet, Turquoise, Foggy, Punk'd, Gold Glitz.

Punk'd was the first one I bought, so it was the first one I swatched. It's a slightly teal-leaning medium dark blue creme. It applied very nicely, covering in two coats and looking pretty shiny all on its own.

Before I took Punk'd off, I experimented with using Gold Glitz on the tips. I liked the look but if I do this for a full mani I'll need to pay more attention to getting the glitter gradation consistent from nail to nail.

I then tried Gold Glitz on its own. I almost passed on this one since gold is not my favorite metallic, but this polish has a lot of silver glitter mixed in with the gold plus a pinch of holo so when the light hits it, scattered pops of blue and red and green show up, too. It's pretty, though I think it really needs underwear. At three coats, my nail tips are still quite visible, and I don't like that look with glitter, especially yellow-toned ones like this.

Pink Glitz is the other glitter in the line-up. I used three coats of this one, too; it seemed to cover somewhat better than Gold Glitz. This is mostly silver and red glitter with a fair bit of blue added for an accent (pops of green show in some lights, too).

The next two colors gave my camera fits, and I didn't have much luck correcting the color with my rudimentary image processing software either (though I did do a great job turning my skin different colors). Turquoise is a medium blue green creme, more green than what I think of as "turquoise". Ultraviolet is a vibrant blue-leaning purple creme. Two coats of these were plenty.

Foggy, the last of the bunch, is a cool-toned medium grey shimmer, also a two-coater. In bright light, I fancied I could see blue glints in the shimmer.

Before I moved on from these, I couldn't resist combining my two favorites, Foggy and Pink Glitz.

These are 15ml/.5 fl. oz. bottles and sell for $10 at Ulta. According to the Ulta website they're not eligible for coupon discounts (being on the prestige side of the store, I suppose) but I did use coupons on them, so evidently that restriction isn't being enforced consistently. When poking around on the web this morning, I saw that carries this brand as well, in more than the eight colors stocked at Ulta (though they don't have all of the colors that Ulta did). Most surprising to me, I also found it on, and I know I've never seen this brand in a CVS store. There was at least one color on the CVS site that wasn't at or Ulta, too.


  1. Oooh they'r all gorgeous!!! =) I love all of them but that sparkley grey is my fave =)

  2. Ulta is so inconsistent with their couponing. I used one on Butter London and I tried to again on the next purchase and they wouldn't let me. I think it has to do with new employees not thinking nail polish is a "prestige" thing.

  3. I have some Pop Beauty NG but these colours aren't on the UK website. They do one of my all-time faves. I think it may be called Twinkle.

  4. I wonder if my Ulta has these?! Exciting. I like pop beauty polishes--Foggy is really nice.

  5. dang! I've never seen this brand around my area ):
    Great swatches though, I really want to keep a look out for these (:

  6. Uau!!! All the colour are gorgeus but the gold glitter is my favourite:)

  7. i like turquoise and foggy :)

  8. Oooh very nice colours, I like them all! I really like Foggy :) x

  9. I found them the same way. Ultraviolet was in the DrugStore section and the SA pointed me to the Perfume section (which I never visit).

    Great swatches.

  10. I've seen these at Duane Reade - a little pricey for a drug store, but they do look fun. I love their neons!

  11. I didn't even know that Pop made nail polishes. I'll go look for them. I'm glad I found your blog through Makeup Merriment to learn about this.

  12. Interesting line and lacquer. Lovely cremes - they look fabulous on you!

  13. The blue creme is nice!
    Karen I linked your blog in my last post, hope you don't mind!
    (Actually is not my very last, but the previous one...)

  14. I love turquoise and ultraviolet :D

  15. I've seen these at my hometown CVS, which has a Beauty 360 department: It's probably like the "prestige" section at Ulta (though I've never been to an Ulta!)

  16. Zappos also has these, which is where I bought Twinkle. Twinkle is beyond gorgeous and I get compliments on it when I go out ^_^


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