Monday, April 4, 2011

Catrice Floralista

Thanks to a very kind swapper on MakeupAlley (thanks, Silke!), I got all four of the nail polishes in Catrice's limited edition Floralista collection. I think the flowers on the bottles and caps are so pretty and such a nice detail, and the colors inside the packaging are all in my comfort zone.

Left to right: Walk in the Woods, Coral's Enchanted Garden, Pink Spring, and Lavender Breeze.

I'm so far behind on my swatching that I wasn't able to sample all of these right away. I chose Lavender Breeze to try, since I am very much ready for warmer weather and can see myself wearing this almost-white a lot with my spring and summer clothes. I used three coats of this creme, though it was really close to full coverage in two coats.

I thought this color looked familiar, so I went Helmer diving and found Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud to compare to it.

Top to bottom: Catrice, Sally Hansen, Catrice, Sally Hansen.

They are close in the bottle and on the nail; this is three coats of each, no top coat. The Sally Hansen leans ever so slightly warmer in tone.

Since I was in a comparing mood, I decided to swatch Lavender Breeze next a pure white, Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, to show just how very pastel this Catrice is.

If I had to keep just one of these palest of purples, it would be the Catrice, since the bottle is prettier and it's the same number of coats as the Sally Hansen.


  1. I love colors like this! Thanks for doing all the comparisons...I have Lavender Cloud so hopefully I don't need to hunt down Lavender Breeze!

  2. I love the bootle with the flower decoration so sweet.

  3. The bottle is so nice, you're right! I'm eager to see the other swatches, your comparisons are really useful.
    I just own Lavender Breeze (and actually didn't like it so much, too clashing on my skintone).

  4. You are such a tease - posting one color of this beautiful collection. ;) I love this, I love Catrice and any time I can get them I try. Can't wait to see the rest and hear what you have to say about them.

  5. The packaging is fantastic! Not too stoked about this colour, but I'm excited to see swatches for the rest (:

  6. Thx for the comparisons...that Catrice bottle is so adorable!

  7. I love the Catrice bottles, very sweet :)

  8. Very nice I so adore those bottles :)


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