Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catrice Floralista

Continuing my completist leanings from yesterday, today I have the three colors from Catrice Floralista that I neglected to swatch earlier this month.

Coral's Enchanted Garden took three coats to cover to my satisfaction. Orange-y colors often don't look that great on me, but I liked this one quite a lot.

I don't have an overabundance of coral and orange in my stash like I do for other colors, so the closest match I could find turned out to be not all that close: Essence Colour & Go What Do U Think? (I got mine at Ulta).

Catrice (top), Essence (bottom).

The Essence is noticeably pinker, as you can see. The Catrice is definitely not a true orange, though; it also has some pink in it, just not as much as the Essence. Yay, I can keep them both.

Pink Spring is one of those names that make one wrinkle one's brow in confusion, as it is certainly not pink. It's purple. A warm, reddish purple, sure, but nowhere near reddish enough to qualify it as pink.

Finding things to compare to this one wasn't a problem since I'm a purple person. I pulled Joe Fresh Fig out even though it didn't look super close to Pink Spring in the bottle because a) you never know and b) Fig has been waiting a while to be swatched. I also grabbed American Apparel Dynasty.

Top to bottom: Joe Fresh, Catrice, American Apparel, Catrice.

Fig is the odd one out in this trio; it's darker, bluer, and dustier than the other two. Dynasty is not far off from Pink Spring, just a bit more cool-toned.

Walk in the Woods is a light tan creme that might look better on someone less pink-complected than I.

I couldn't put my hands on any close matches to this in the bottle (perhaps because I haven't yet gotten to sorting my neutrals in the great stash reorg of 2011), but I didn't let that stop me and got out Models Own Nude Beige and Revlon Grey Suede to compare.

Top to bottom: Revlon, Catrice, Models Own, Catrice.

Yeah, neither the Revlon nor the Models Own is close; they're both too pink. They are close to each other, though, despite the Revlon having a slight shimmer. I tried to get my index and ring fingers next to each other to illustrate that, but this is as close as I could manage:

Overall, I think this collection is a great set of colors for spring. Nothing crazy or new going on here, but the aplication is good and the bottles are pretty.


  1. These are such pretty colors for spring. Enchanted Garden is my favorite...I have What do You Think, but Enchanted Garden is better than that too.

  2. The coral is to-die-for! A murky coral. I am loving corals at present but I don't have a 'dirty' one. Grrrr.

  3. You are the queen of comparison, I love the bottle design on the Ctarice's ! :)

  4. Thanks for these comparisons! I love the coral...but I'm pretty excited about coral in general right now!

  5. Those Catrice polishes are gorgeous on you! So pretty! :)

  6. With these corals and lilacs you are right up my alley

  7. As always, very interesting comparisons. :) Thanks for all your work on them.

  8. I'm a sucker for a beautiful orange. Very nice!

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  10. I love all the colours! The last one reminds me of Deborah Lippmanns Wakin up in Vegas =)

  11. Wow!!
    I love these!!
    So gentle and beautiful!!

  12. very nice. i love the peach color, i haven't been able to find the perfect peach. they're always too orange. bravo!

  13. For me the favourite is the first one it reminds me of barry m coral:)

  14. I like the last two colours, especially the taupe because it's so subtle and you could wear it to work!


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