Friday, April 15, 2011

RBL Bring It Back

I don't see myself as a bossy person, but right now I'm going to tell everyone reading this how vote in the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bring It Back poll that starts today (at 10 a.m. EST and open for 48 hours). One word: Locavore. Last I read on Facebook, each person gets two votes, so you can still use one for your favorite from the candidates, but please use the other one for Locavore, which is very high on my personal wish list. See the gap in the photo below? That's where my Locavore is supposed to go, in between its glittery siblings, Look Rich Be Cheap and Frugalista. But is is not there because I put off buying it due to suffering from an uncharacteristic spell of restraint, and when I snapped out it, Locavore was gone, gone, gone.

Yes, I have plenty of other glitters, including OPI Glow Up Already that A Polish Problem showed me is sorta kinda close to Locavore. But I don't have the real thing. How good a glitter is it? So good that ChaosButterfly calls it the love of her polish life and would consider marrying it if such things were possible. I want it. I want you to help me get it. It finished fifth in the last vote, so I think it has a chance, but there are a whole bunch of new candidates this time around that concern me, especially the Tudor Queens. Will I survive without Locavore? Of course. Will I be happier with it? Yep. And you might be, too; if Locavore becomes available again, I'll buy an extra bottle and give it away in a future contest here on the blog.

So, I know you're voting for Locavore; which one's getting your second vote? Mine is up for grabs right now—go ahead, tell me what to do. It's only fair.

(When the voting page goes up, I'll come back and link it here.)

Looks like the voting is happening on the candidates page, so go forth and vote for Locavore.


  1. ha! I just voted Locavore for you, although for me it's all the same I probably won't buy RBL polishes ever. It's nice they do this, wish other companies would make something like this possible.

  2. hermetic, thank you! I agree, I wish other companies would do this. Maybe we could get some more decent holos that way. :)

    Jennifer, thanks!

  3. I did vote. Good luck on getting your sparkly goodness back for a remake. :)

  4. Lacquer Ware, thank you! I took a peek and it's tied for third, so that's encouraging. :)

  5. YES! I voted for Locavore the last time and was crazy disappointed it wasn't selected. Even though I am not a glitter girl, I am convinced that Locavore will the exception that I will love.

    Thank you for this, you've given me hope that a lemming will be attained!

  6. I hear you, Terni; I was bummed last time, too. I just looked and it's up to second place, so fingers crossed. (I sure didn't think Concrete Jungle would come on so strong--that's leading right now.)

  7. I am not always a huge glitter fan, but Locavore looks pretty cool (and I love the name)! How fun that RBL is letting people vote for their favorite polish's return :-)

  8. Locavore is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Playing with Polish, I'm glad you can see its charms despite not being a glitter gal. :)

    Viktorija, indeed!

  10. I went with Anne and Locavore.
    So far, it's doing well...if it would just overtake Scrangie, I'd be a happy camper.

  11. I WANT Locavore too! I don't own any RBLs but if it comes back, I want it!

  12. voted! I choose Locavore and Catherine H because my biggest nail polish regret is not ordering the tudor queens collection. I loved them as soon as I saw them but hesitated because of the price. Such a bad move. Every time I see swatches of them I want to cry. Okay maybe not but I do want them an awful lot.

  13. Karen you totally made me gufffaw.
    I voted for Locavore - it is probably one of my most fave RBL colours and I've only worn it 3 times cos I keep thinking - I've got to save this!...

    I'm sure this will be one of polishes to win!

    PS I can't wait for my Bikini Bottom to arrive!! hehehehe Do you have Lippmann Glitter in the Air? I'm tempted on one level but then I keep thinking it is too much like Bikini Bottom with some light glitter thrown in...?

  14. I voted for you!! Its like 3rd or 4th Scrangie is in 1st though. I hope you get Locavore! This is cool how the company is doing this I have never seen it before! :)

  15. Hehe, cute post! I voted also for Orbit Non Sufficit, since it's perfect, really. It doesn't look good for it, but for Locavore it does, I hope we succeed!

  16. ChaosButterfly, I'll be thrilled if Locavore makes top 3--it's there right now, which is better than when I checked first thing this morning. I get the Scrangie love, I do; I've yet to see a dupe or franken dupe of that one.

    kittypolishnbags, hoping we both can get it!

    Lesley, thanks! Catherine H. is a nice one, for sure.

    BV, I don't have GitA, but I'm really leaning toward picking up the more swatches I see.

    paint that nail, thanks! Ji at RBL does listen to fans; I wish more brands would follow her lead.

    Ulmiel, here's hoping! Orbis is a great green, true.


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