Friday, April 29, 2011

Butter London No More Waity, Katie

I was a big royal watcher back in the 80s. Lady Di was only a little bit older than me, and there she was, marrying into royalty and becoming a real princess. I got up early to watch her wedding live, tearing myself away from the tv a few hours into the coverage only because I had to go to work at the temp job I was doing that summer between my first and second year of college. Later that morning, I left my desk to watch on the break room television as the couple left for their honeymoon. In the early years of her marriage, I collected books and clipped magazine articles about Diana, bought Royalty and Majesty magazines, studied her fashion choices, and for a time even subscribed to a club that sent out doll-sized copies of her outfits every other month. In the late 80s, after I'd gotten married myself, I was fortunate to be able to accompany Mr. Karen on a business trip to England; we spent a few extra days on our own, and I insisted we go to see Diana's wedding dress, which was on display in one of the palaces in London. As the years went on, though, I picked up hobbies other than royal watching to fill the few hours each day I wasn't focusing on my career. By the time Diana died, I was so out of touch that I didn't hear about the accident until late the day after it happened. The point of this long preamble is to explain that I had no idea that today's royal bride was nicknamed "Waity Katie", so when Butter London came out with a polish called "No More Waity, Katie", I didn't get the joke. I did get that the polish had purple glitter in a greige base, three of my favorite things, so I made sure to track it down.

It did not disappoint. The base is sheer enough to let the glitter show through, but opaque enough that it builds to decent coverage in three coats. I didn't use a top coat for these swatches; you can see it's not super shiny on its own, but I'm rather liking how it looks bare.

Because it's sheer, I had to try layering it. The first combination I experimented with was one coat of No More Waity over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City, a silver foil. I was not entranced with the results, mostly because the unevenness of a single coat of the smoky base of No More Waity stood out against the light base.

To try and disguise that, I added a coat of OPI The Color to Watch, which helped some, but I still don't think I'll use this combo for a full mani.

Next I tried a darker base color, Nina Ultra Pro Never Glum Plum, with one coat of No More Waity on top. Yes, much better. This I'd wear.

Since I had The Color to Watch out anyway, I put a coat of that on top; I'd wear this combination, too. The veil of shimmer over the glitter adds more depth.

I've no idea what this color has to do with the new princess, but like I said, I'm out of touch with royal stuff these days. Based on the pictures of Kate I've seen (mostly on this LOLKate Tumblr, Kate Middleton for the Win), I wouldn't have come up with a purple glitter polish for her, but no matter, I like purple glitter and I like this polish. Maybe I'll put it back on to watch the wedding coverage that will be waiting for me on the DVR when I get home (I didn't consider even for one minute getting up early enough to watch live).


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  1. I too got up early to watch Diana get hitched. Having a British Mum and being Canadian didn't help with the obsession either. :) I LURVE the polish. Looks amazing on you.

  2. You sound just like me! I got up too and watched Chuck and Di's wedding; half the gals in my class went out and got the Di cut...remember that?lol And high-necked frilly blouses were all the rage? I was up at the crack of dawn watching Will & Kate this morning 30 years later. *feels old*. She's Waity Katie No More! Thx for sharing the comparisons!

  3. Great fun with this color, I love seeing the layering effects :)

    I set my DVR, so I'll watch it tonight! :)

  4. I didn't know her nickname is Waity Katie.. ? I've tried to get into the wedding and everything up I end up falling asleep during William and Kate's wedding.
    Any WHO.. thanks for posting this polish, it is gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely nail polish, the glitter makes the polish!
    However, I feel a bit left out, I didn't bother making up early to see the wedding. I heard my Aunt watching it from the room beside me though, and I seen pictures. Katie looked gorgeous c:

  6. Princess Diana's wedding was before my time and I just do not care about the British royal family now that I'm old enough to.
    But I really like this color. My favorite combo of it would be over the Nina Ultra Pro.

  7. I really liked this swatch with the Nina Pro under it. Made everything POP in a very subtle and pretty way. :)

  8. hi. I didn't know about this colour hehehehe. Thanks for showing. I will try to track it down :)

  9. I love it over the Nina colour.

  10. I definitely like it best over the dark base! I'm glad you showed all the attempts.

  11. karen your nails are looking really good!

  12. I remember Diana's wedding too! Even though I was very small at the time, the wedding dress left a huge impression on me! I did watch the wedding yesterday too but the empty chair left for Diana made me so sad :(
    This polish is fabulous though. Grey with purple glitter! Fantastic!
    Also although I'm a bit late (I am so out of the loop lately) I also wanted to wish you a happy blogavversary ^_^

  13. The polish is pretty. I don't see her wearing something like this, either. Purple is the royal color. I think it's just Butter London cashing in on the wedding.

  14. In case you don't know why it's called Waity, Katie.....she and Will have dated for years and years that the people has given her the nickname Waity Katie cause she's been waiting a long, long time for marriage to happen.

    It looks great. I want it but it's sold out just about everywhere.

  15. I love this colour, it's really unique... been on m yLemmings for a bit so I heard it was a LE, is it?

  16. Thanks, everyone!

    mrsrexy, I had some of those blouses, for sure. :)

  17. That is a really pretty color. and I love how your camera got in close for that detail....


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