Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sonia Kashuk for Target

I recently got my first Sonia Kashuk polishes. I've wanted to buy some to try for a while now, but every time I went to Target the slots in the display were empty. However, I got lucky a couple weeks back and picked up three colors (I passed on a bright pink and a coral that were also on the shelf).

Left to right: Violetta, Tauped, Fatigued.

Violetta is a medium purple creme with a touch of dustiness to it.

Tauped is, not surprisingly, taupe; it's also a creme.

Fatigued surprised me. In the bottle, it looks like a warm dusty olive green, but on the nail it's much cooler-toned. This one has a slight shimmer to it.

All of these were two coats. They sell for $4.99 per .5 fl. oz. (14 ml). I didn't do a wear test, so not sure how they'll hold up in a regular mani, but I had no issues with application.

I want to do some comparisons with these soon. Do you have any requests?


  1. Fico sempre babando com esses esmaltes lindos que vocês nos mostra...

    Mil beijos

    Karla Tempone

  2. Those are pretty. I have been wanting to try some of these but haven't worked up the nerve yet lol. I like the green one!

  3. hmm sew psyched for the green
    over the taupe, ydkj :D

  4. they are wonderful! i love all of them :)

  5. Very pretty! It's weird how the green looks so different from the bottle, I think I prefer the nail colour though :) xx

  6. I won't be buying them, but they're pretty.
    I really love the first and last ones on you.

  7. I love that green it's very unique!!

  8. I like Fatigued and Violetta :) Can't think of any comparisons that really stick out to me, though...

  9. ohh!! love all three colors! :) i didn't know that sonia kashuk had nail polishes! very cool!!

  10. My favorite is the taupe color!
    ..I also have the same empty slot problem whenever I check out the Sonia Kashuk nail polishes.
    Although I love how you passed on the bright colors, I LOVE these kind of colors ..right up my alley THANK YOU!

  11. Wow, these are all very pretty!

  12. My gosh, these a gorgeous!
    I adore Violetta, seems like the perfect color to wear in Autumn ♥

  13. ah, I love the green and purple. I've really wanted to try Sonia Kashuk but don't live any where near a Target (is that possible!!). I really like the shape of the bottles...strange how that is important!

  14. These look great, love all the colours you chose.

  15. Great colors! I almost picked these up when I saw them but decided against it as I probably have dupes for them already.


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