Friday, April 15, 2011

Essie Sand Tropez Comparisons

When I posted my Sand Tropez NOTD, nailspotting commented that it reminded her of Essie Playa del Platinum. Of course I wanted to follow up on that; comparisons are one of my favorite things.

Left to right: Playa del Platinum, Sand Tropez.

Top to bottom: Sand Tropez, Playa del Platinum, Sand Tropez, Playa del Platinum.

Top to bottom: Playa del Platinum, Sand Tropez.

These two definitely belong to the same family. They're similar values, but the hues are not quite a match. I'd say Playa del Platinum is a touch dirtier and dustier. It almost looks like Playa has a hint of green in it when next to Sand Tropez. Another difference is that I used three coats of Playa del Platinum but only two of Sand Tropez.

While looking for Playa del Platinum, I came across Body Language, so decided to try that out against Sand Tropez, too.

Left to right: Body Language, Sand Tropez.

Top to bottom: Sand Tropez, Body Language, Sand Tropez, Body Language.

Top to bottom: Body Language, Sand Tropez.

Again, related, but not dupes. Also again, a three coater compared to Sand Tropez's two. Body Language is noticeably lighter than Sand Tropez, and reads cooler in tone. There's no need for me to destash any of these on the basis on dupey-ness. On the basis of still needing to keep clothes in my closet instead of filling all the space with nail polish—that's another story.

(P.S. Did you vote for Locavore yet?)


  1. Nice comparisons! It's funny to me when companies make colors that are SO similar... anyway... I VOTED FOR Locavore for you :)

  2. Nice comparison! I have all three and when I bought Sand Tropez I compared the bottles and thought they were so close but I love that they're really not on the nail!

  3. I love comparisons too! Thanks so much for this, Sand Tropez looks right up my alley! PdP was almost too yellowish on me, so I think ST will work better :D

  4. I love Sand Tropez! Such a beautiful neutral shade!

  5. i like sand tropez best of all 3.

    love comparison posts :)

  6. I like Sand Tropez, it's a beautiful nude :)

  7. I love your comparisons. They might seem the same but are quite different.

  8. I like
    1 Playa
    2 Sand
    3 BL
    with Playa my clear winner.
    Definitely not dupes but I'm not doing Essie any more...


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