Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection, Part 2

Last post I shared Part 1 of the Modern Family collection from Nicole by OPI. Today I've got swatches of the rest of the colors; this half is dominated by pinks but also has some metallic neutrals.

A Like-Haley Story is a warm pink with a subtle flecked shimmer. I used three coats, no topcoat (though I think it could have used some).

Basking in Gloria is a raspberry flecked shimmer. This was two coats.

I Do De-Claire is a slightly purple-leaning pink frost. I used two coats.

A Phil's Paradise is a silvery olive metallic shimmer. This was two coats.

Luke of the Draw is multi-sized silver glitter in a black base. The base is opaque enough and the glitter dense enough that it's wearable at two coats on its own, no base color needed.

The last two polishes in this half are also glitters, but they're meant for layering. Haley Good Lookin' is small dusty rose glitter with a scattering of larger holo hex glitter.

Here's two coats of Haley Good Lookin' plus topcoat over A Phil's Paradise:

I also tried Haley Good Lookin' over My Jay or the Highway, one of the cremes from Part 1. Again, two coats plus topcoat. I did have to do a little fishing for the big hexes; perhaps if I'd let the bottle sit upside down for longer than 30 seconds that would have helped.

The last polish, She's Lily Something, is pink iridescent star glitter in a pink and purple flecked transparent shimmer base. I tried two coats plus topcoat over Basking in Gloria; getting the stars out was a bit of a fishing expedition.

And here's She's Lily Something over I Do De-Claire:

I was sure I had a match for Luke of the Draw in my stash, and I did: OPI Metallic 4 Life from the Nicky Minaj collection. Left to right, it's OPI, NOPI, OPI, NOPI:

I also pulled a few nail wheels for comparison. Here's OPI Your Web or Mine from Spider-Man on the left and I Do De-Claire on the right. They're not an exact match; Your Web is more orange-toned and De-Claire is more purple-toned, but they're definitely similar.

And here's OPI Number One Nemesis, also from Spider-Man, on the left and A Phil's Paradise on the right. These are pretty close, though Nemesis seems to lean more green than Phil's.

Finally, here's OPI Nothin' Mousie About It on the left and She's Lily Something on the right. The glitter is different, of course, but the base shimmer looks pretty much the same.

Haley Good Lookin' is the standout for me in this half of the collection, with A Like-Haley Story and Basking in Gloria taking the runner up spots.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. great swatches and comps as per usual! i love basking in gloria... i feel like i dont have anything similar but i probably do lol

  2. Funny, your skin seems to be the most similar tone to my own of any other bloggers because when I look at your swatches, they look the most like polishes do on my own nails... point being, your swatches have reaffirmed which ones I need from this collection!

  3. Luke of the Draw is my favourite :)

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  5. I really like Luke of the Draw! It is so pretty!

  6. I love them all, very pretty colours =]


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