Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost Mid-June Displays

Someday I'll manage to not let so much time pass between display posts and I'll have a reasonable number of photos to share, but today is not that day, so settle in if you will for the parade of stuff I've seen while out shopping since my mid-May display post. Today I've got brands from B to Z.

Butter London has six colors in their Lolly Brights limited edition collection for summer: Chuffed, Lolly, Sozzled, Stroppy, Ladybird, and Airy Fairy. I saw these at Ulta, though I almost missed them because rather than being above the core nail polish display on the end of the aisle, they were in a separate section in the aisle (and the bottles were slotted in sideways; I pulled them out and posed them facing front for their photo).

At Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, I saw a display from a brand I don't recall seeing before: Ceramic Glaze. This was their Island Paradise collection, with seven colors they referred to as "neon matte" (I don't know if these are more matte than normal neons) plus a topcoat, which I assume is what would give one the "two-tone effect" shown on the display (I assume you would have to apply the topcoat in a design rather than all over, though the display didn't explain). Shades in front row: Exotic Dragon Fruit, Lychee Cocktail, and Watermelon Cooler. Back row: Solar Radiance, Shell Me About It, Moji-toes, and I'm on Island Time. A little Googling tells me that Ceramic Glaze is affiliated with China Glaze, so maybe I already have some of these colors with different names.

Speaking of China Glaze, my Sally Beauty store had China Glaze Off Shore. There are twelve shades here, which was about six more than I had the patience for on that particular day, so I did not pick them up and make sure that the shades sitting here matched the names on the display: I Sea the Point, Dune Our Thing, If in Doubt Surf it Out, Float On, Be More Pacific, Feel the Breeze, Shore Enuff, Sun Upon My Skin, x-ta Sea, Wait n' Sea (not 'n', but n'—why, China Glaze, why?), Stoked to be Soaked, and Seas the Day.

Ulta had the reasonably sized six-piece Deborah Lippmann summer collection, 80s Rewind: Whip It, Don't Stop Believin', Walking on Sunshine, She Drives Me Crazy, Video Killed the Radio Star, and Maniac. These names seem squarely aimed at my demographic, but I am going to try and resist because they're all cremes, and I can get similar cremes for a lot less than $18 a bottle.

As of my previous display post, I'd only seen the Essie Too Taboo neons in drugstores; now the collection is at Ulta, too, displayed with Blanc (white creme) and instructions to use that under the neons.

Ulta also had the Essie Wedding 2014 collection, She Said Yes. Four shades here: She Said Yes, Meet the Parents, Got Engaged, and Love Every Minute.

Finger Paints seems to have a new collection out nearly every time I go to Sally Beauty. This month, it's Poolside Paradise, with six shimmers in saturated hues: Aloha Lei, Be My Baby, Hula Aruba, Surf's Up, Wild Bikini, and Margarita Mambo.

Funky Fingers is no exception to the "if this is summer, we need to do neons" rule. Five Below had their Electric Neons: Let the Beat Drop, All the Rave, BPM, Glowstick, and Atomic Poppy. Yep, five shades when the brand is priced at 3 for $5. That's how they get me to buy extra polishes.

At Rexall in Canada, I saw what I suppose is the Kit spring collection: Smoothie Delight, After Party, Bombshell, Spellbound, and Beach Dancin'. Or maybe this is their summer collection, and they are the exception to the neons rule.

Also in Canada, back at Shoppers Drug Mart, I spotted a Lise Watier display with the Eden Tropical collection. I don't have any of this brand in my stash, and the caps of the bottles had lights built in to illuminate one's nails as one polished them, so that added to the novelty factor. Since there were only the two polish colors, I figured it would be okay to start a relationship with yet another brand.

This was in the fancier section of the beauty department, so the sale associate had to get bottles for me out of the stock drawers, which she did. The problem came when I wanted to check out; the polishes weren't in the computer system, so she didn't know what to charge me. She asked what I assume was a manager and called other stores, but to no avail; the polishes weren't in the system, so I could not buy them. So Rose Eden and Coral Paradise did not come home with me. The SA did let me take photos of them at the register, though, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

Back at home at Bed Bath & Beyond, I saw the L'Oreal Neons display. I'm not sure if any of these are actually neon—they don't look quite that bright in the bottles—but they are certainly summery. Left to right: Banana Pop, Energetic Tangerine, Punchy Lychee, Acid Watermelon, Flashing Lilac, and Fluo Azur.

That same Bed Bath & Beyond also had the Maybelline Color Show Polished Jewels display, with five glitters: Precious Pearl, Platinum Adorn, Mosaic Prism, Gleaming Graphite, and Gilded in Gold.

It feels like it's been a long while since I saw anything new from Milani in stores (the fall textured cremes never showed up anywhere by me as far as I know), so I was glad to see the Bella Blue display even though it only had one polish in it (also called Bella Blue).

Last time, I shared a small display of Nails Inc. that had appeared at Ulta; on my most recent visit, there was a much bigger display with more variety. In the top section, there was a mini set of the summer colors, Pop Art glitters (Cavendish Place, Knightsbridge Place), Floral glitters (Richmond Gardens, Daisy Lane, Chelsea Embankment Gardens, Queensgate Gardens), Special Effects and Feathers glitters (Pudding Lane, Sweets Way, Chester, Trafalgar Square), pastels (Mayfair, Radnor Walk, Hamilton Mews, Covent Garden Ballet), and Latex Effect (Camden Passage, Portobello Road, Shoreditch High Street, Bermondsey Street). The bottom section had about a couple dozen more colors, plus nail art kits and remover.

There were two Nicole by OPI sets at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. Each had a top coat plus two colors. The teal set had Sea-ing is Believing and Don't Say It Sprout It. The coral pink set had Comin' Up Posies and Bloom Box. I'd never heard of these colors, and was tempted to get at least the green set, but behaved myself for a change and left them there. (The better to have more money left to spend at Pam's.)

Some of us the nail community may be suffering from neon fatigue, but the general beauty prodcut buying public is evidently not, as both of the OPI Neon displays I've come across in different Ultas have had at least one color completely sold out. There are six colors in this collection: Juice Bar Hopping, You Are So Outta Lime, Life Gave Me Lemons, Hotter Than You Pink, and Push & Pur-Pull. The display also has top coat and a base coat I've not seen before: Put a Coat On, which says it's a "bright color booster" and comes in Natural Nail Basecoat bottle. How it's different than a white creme, I do not know. (This booster was sold out at the store which had the better stocked display of colors, but in stock where more colors were sold out, so that's why you'll see the display without it yet I have a bottle pic of the booster. Wow, I overexplain stuff sometimes.)

I braved WalMart after a long absence and found a tall Pure Ice Sparkling Seas endcap display, the top row of which had three glitters touted to be "multi-facted 3D effect shades": Mer-magical, Sea Glass, and Sparkling Seas. The rest of the display appeared to be filled with core colors, but I didn't check carefully.

Quo by Orly is something I only see in Canada, and this time Shoppers Drug Mart had a summery display of six colors that looked to be exactly the same shades as in the Orly Baked collection, just with different names: Overboard, Summer Fling, Simmered, Electrified, Heat Wave, and Infused.

They also had a Quo Crystal Sand nail art kit with a pink polish, pink loose glitter, and neon studs. I am not convinced that the studs coordinated very well with the pink, nor would I think to put studs on top of loose glitter, but maybe I'm not creative enough to appreciate this sort of thing.

The last Quo display I saw at Shoppers was not nail polish at all, but it still sorely tempted me with its 3D geometric cases in bright colors. They called out to the quilter and color lover in me, for sure.

Next door at Rexall, there was a Revlon display I'd not seen in the States. It had the red and black Graffiti Top Coats that I had seen in their own display here at home, along with the Diamond Texture that I swatched the other week and the Chameleon duochrome as well as clippers and files.

In my last display post, I shared the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy display that had turned up at Meijer with 14 colors plus topcoat. Since then, I've seen a 20 color plus topcoat display at Ulta. Front row: Checkmate, Sure Thing, Lady Luck, Royal Flush, Diamond Top Coat (x2), High Roller, Up the Ante, Showtime, High Stakes. Back row: Pocket Aces, Cardshark, Beginner's Luck, Dealer's Choice, Sky's the Limit, Wild Card, Ace of Spades, Long Shot, Roulette Rush, Hold 'Em, Queen of Hearts, Blackjack.

Then I saw a bigger 22 color plus topcoat display at CVS. Colors here: All of Nothing, Beginner's Luck, Cardshark, Lady Luck, Hot Hand, Casino Lights, In the Money, High Stakes, Dealer's Choice, All In, Full House, Sky's the Limit, Up the Ante, Winning Streak, Showtime, Wild Card, High Roller, Hold 'Em, Sure Thing, Black Jack, Checkmate, Long Shot. I haven't bought any colors from any of these displays yet since as far as I know this is a new line, not limited edition.

But wait, there's more. I saw a different Gel Envy display at Walgreens, and this one had 26 colors plus topcoat: Lady Luck, Cardshark, Beginner's Luck, High Roller, All or Nothing, Hold 'Em, Up the Ante, Showtime, Winning Streak, Wild Card, Sky's the Limit, Full House, Pocket Aces, Blackjack, Checkmate, High Stakes, Long Shot, In the Money, Dealer's Choice, Jackpot, Royal Flush, Roulette Rush, Ace of Spades, Joker's Wild, Queen of Hearts, Double Down.

But wait, there's still more. At a CVS, I saw a tiny display with two shades of Gel Envy, Jackpot and Sky's the Limit, plus other makeup. I haven't bought any colors from any of these displays yet since as far as I know this is a new line, not limited edition, and besides, I don't know how many colors there are all together so want to wait and see if more show up that I might like better than the ones I've seen so far. Heck, I can't even keep track of how many colors there are so far, what with the CVS has the yellow but no one else seems to yet they have colors CVS doesn't, etc. etc.

At Sally Beauty, the sales associate was paying so much attention to me that I could only take a wonky stealth shot of the Sally Girl Gelato Fun display, which has four milky glitters: Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Grape, and Mint.

You already know I saw the Sally Hansen Color Frenzy display since I had swatches of them up earlier this week. Left to right: Candy Drops, Splattered, Paint Party, Red White & Hue, Fruit Spritz, Sea Salt, Green Machine, Spark & Pepper. There are also two Xtreme Wear Shades here: Coral Reef and Mint Sorbet (though the color circle on the display says Coral Reef should be a different shade number). There are also instructions for doing "The Frenzy Fan" nail art design with tape. I saw these at Walgreens.

Walgreens also had Sally Hansen Insta Dri Liquid Mani-a matte shades: In a Haze, Coastin' By, High n' Dry, Mauve Matter, Mattitude in Motion, and White Pick It Fence. This has instructions for a more complicated tape design than the Color Frenzy.

At Ulta, I saw a Sally Hansen Salon Effects Liquid Mani-a display with four new limited edition designs—not to be confused with the four previous LE designs I shared in my May display post (or the eight LE designs from April in the Color Destinations). These are called Spton On, Razzlesnake, Melt My Heart, and Seas the Day.

Will Sally Hansen give us a break now, to contemplate all the new things? Nope. At Walgreens, I saw a Luxe Jewels display with new Complete Salon Manicure shades (plus drying drops): Let's Snow, Branch Out, Camelflage, Grape Gatsby, Fe Fi Fo Plum, On Pine Needles, and Dark Huemoor.

Sinful Colors, from whom we've already seen three displays from this summer, now has a really big Destination Color display out at Walgreens that has shades from those three other displays plus some new stuff, starting with the four different packs of nail decals in the top section: Rad-a-tat, It's All Tat, Tatoo Hot, and Ink Out Loud.

Every Walgreens I've seen this at seems to have put in the trays of polish in a different order. Here's the lineup for the one above, with the shades new to this display indicated. This is the display that has the three Crystal Crush colors that aren't in my giveaway. Top row: Steel My Heart, Mint Tropics, Out of This World, 24/7, Peppered Amazon (x2), Clear Coat. Second row: Mimosa (new), Green with Ivy (new), Yellow Out there (new), Hottie, On the Bright Side, Yellow Spotted, Clear Coat. Third row: Blue La La, Green Ocean, Let's Meet, Nail Junkie, Curry Up (x2), Clear Coat. Fourth row: Bring It Sheer (new), Sheer Genius (new), From Sheer to Eternity (new), Dream On, Lively in Lilac, Blue Crushin, Clear Coat. Fifth row: Anochors Away, Embers Only, Hot Chili, Gogo Girl, Big Daddy, Gogo Girl (again), Clear Coat. Bottom row: Face the Facets, Ruby Mine, Orange Crush, Gold Medal, Coral Riff, Ruby Glisten, Clear Coat.

Wet 'n' Wild has some limited edition Megalast shades in their All Access Beauty display, which I saw at Walgreens: Coast to Coast, Love Me Some Muscles, A Venice Day, Contact High, Beat of a Generation, Trippin' on the Boardwalk.

I saw a variation of the Wet 'n' Wild display at CVS; this one also had some bronzer compacts.

And finally we come to Z for Zoya, which I saw as per usual at Ulta. They had the Tickled and Bubbly collections, which I won't bother listing the names of since I already swatched them and I do want to finish and post this entry before nightfall.

Also, in an amazing twist on the usual timing, Ulta had some Zoyas I haven't swatched already: the summer Magical PixieDust colors: Bar, Ginni, and Arlo. I do hope to swatch them soon.

And now we're all caught up with our shopping rounds for right this minute. I'm tired; how about you?


  1. I should not have looked... you're going to be hell on my no-buy, but I'm dying to see if my Ulta is carrying Nails Inc yet.

  2. Oh's been a while since I've shopped for polishes. So many displays!

  3. OHHH, I totally love these posts, thank you for yet another mouthwatering one :)

  4. OOOOHHHH so much nail porn! Uhg you're making me want to go out and buy stuff now ;)

  5. Great post! These always make me drool hehe! I just hoping the BL polishes arrive over here soon and are easy to get, as I've got my eye on a few :-D

  6. Sorry about the Lise Watier problem at the cash. I can gift them over if you still want them. Just for reference, they are $13.50 on their website :)

    And yes, lots of Quo shades are the same Orly colours, just in different bottle shape. Their brushes and some makeup are great

  7. holy that's a lot of displays! I don't think I could take pictures of displays for my blog like that without buying everything! I was going to get one of those Nicole by OPI sets from shoppers in Canada but decided against it since there were only 2 polishes in there really (the top coat isn't good I hear) and then there was nothing behind that circle although from the spacing of the bottles it seemed like there would be a bottle there... trying to trick us! ugh

  8. well now im gonna hunt down about half of what i saw here

  9. Awesome post as always. You rock!!!

  10. I can only say WOW! ^_____^


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