Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wheel P6: Glitters from Claire's and Other Brands

As promised/threatened last week, Nail Wheel Wednesday is back. In this edition, I have glitters, some toppers, some wearable on their own, and mostly from Claire's. I haven't been to a Claire's in ages; I have to go just a little out of my way to get to any of the ones in my area, and it's best that I don't because I invariably find something to buy when I do. I am especially weak in the face of the mini sets they always seem to have, one of which I've got on today's wheel.

My notes don't say anything about adding topcoat to these; I usually do on glitter wheels, and usually note it in my little book, but this time no note and some of these look kind of bumpy, so maybe I skipped it.

1. Claire's unlabeled mini silver holo (3 coats)
2. Claire's unlabeled mini silver holo and black (3)
3. Claire's unlabeled mini green/turquoise/magenta (3)
4. Claire's unlabeled mini turquoise/magenta (3)
5. Claire's unlabeled mini purple (3)
6. Claire's High Maintenance (3) [almost a two coater]
7. Claire's Gold Glitter Top Coat (3) [pretty dense for a topcoat]
8. Claire's Glitter Top Coat (3) [ditto]
9. Claire's Disco (3)
10. Claire's Bedazzled (3)
11. Claire's Chunky Purple (3) [I still don't know why this didn't get on the same wheel as its chunky siblings]
12. Claire's Candy Shop (2)
13. Claire's Mystical (3)
14. Claire's unlabeled heart bottle lilac/iridescent (2)
15. Claire's unlabeled heart bottle magenta/iridescent (2)
16. Le Chat CM Midnight Imposter (2) [I don't think I'll ever get Essie Starry Starry Night, but I'm happy with this more purple, bigger-glittered cousin]
17. Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock (2) [looks a lot like some of the chunky textures that came out later]
18. Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing (2)
19. Kleancolor Starry Meteor (3) [this makes me think of Easter for some reason]
20. Kleancolor Twinkly Love (2)

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 10:

12 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. Claire's has had some cool polishes over the years; I always find something to buy when I'm there!

  2. So many pretties. ^_^ I've missed Nail Wheel Wednesday.

  3. i should really get some nail wheels to swatch my collection! i love mystical! I haven't worn it in ages! I should really pull it out sometime! :)

  4. Wow some lovelies there! I do like Claire's polishes! :-)

  5. Nr 16 to 18 look so cool! I recently bought my first Claire polishes and I quite like them. Oddly though, I also have a Claire's polish called Disco but it looks totally different from yours! Mine has silver holographic bar glitter instead of hexes. I suppose it's a difference between countries, but it's quite confusing that they have the same name! :)


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