Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kit Celebration and GOSH Denim Delight

I've bombarded you all with photos over the past couple days and have a couple picture-heavy posts planned coming up, so today I'm giving us all a little rest with a simple post about just two polishes. (Someday Nail Wheel Wednesday will return, I promise. Or threaten, depending on your views on nail wheels.)

When Tracey and Melissa and I stopped at Rexall on our way to Girly Bits HQ, we each bought a bottle of Kit Celebration, a multi-color multi-size glitterbomb in a clear base. I thought it would pair nicely with GOSH Denim Delight from Shoppers Drug Mart, where we'd been just before we hit Rexall.

Celebration has medium and small metallic hex glitter in a range of colors—silver, gold, orange, blue, green, and pink—as wel as tiny silver glitter (or mabye it's silver and gold; it's hard to tell since it's so tiny).

Denim Delight is a dusty blue creme; I used two coats as my base color, then did a glitter gradient with Celebration. I tried to drag most of the bigger glitters toward the tips of my nails and leave the tiny ones closer to the base. I added topcoat to smooth everything out when I was done pushing the glitter around.

Overall, I like this combination, though I do wonder if Celebration would look even better over a different base color: deep berry red or forest green, perhaps. I'll be interested to see how Tracey and Melissa decide to use their bottles of Celebration.


  1. What a lovely combination! The glitter gradient is gorgeous!

  2. It's a very sweet combo, dusty colors look so good on you!

  3. Stunning combination! They go well together :-D

  4. lovely glitter gradient! i love how colorful the glitter is!


  5. Denim Delight is one of my fave Gosh polishes! Looks great with the addition of the glitter too!

  6. Denim Delight is beautiful, I love "dusty" shades :-) The final combination is stunning :-)


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