Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer

Today I have four colors that Nicole by OPI sent for review. The press release for these calls them "new nail lacquers for the summer season" but doesn't mention if they're limited edition or additions to the core line, and I've yet to see any store displays for them that might provide a clue. The shades are (left to right): Lay It on the Lime, Shaved Nice, Leapink for Joy, and The Coral of the Story. Three are cremes and one is a glitter in a clear base.

I swatched Lay It on the Lime over a white creme base to make this vibrant pastel yellow green creme pop. I used two coats of color over the white.

I happened to spot Maybelline Lime Accent in my untrieds (it's from the Bleached Neons collection in stores now) and it looked so similar to Lay It on the Lime that I had to pull it out for a quick comparison.

Left to right below (3 coats each, not over white): Nicole by OPI, Maybelline, Nicole by OPI, Maybelline. The Maybelline is touch brighter and less pastel; you can see it dries less shiny than the NOPI, which says to me that the Maybelline has some neon pigment in it.

The other two cremes in this group are more conventional colors. Leapink for Joy is a warm medium pink, while The coral of the Story is a medium coral. I used three coats of each, which Leapink as my accent nail.

The last polish in this quartet is the glitter, Shaved Nice. I am 99.9% certain the name is a play on shaved ice, that cool summer treat, but I couldn't get the image of hairlessness out of my head whenever I saw the name as I was swatching. "She sure is shaved nice," I imagine one dude saying to the another at the start of a cheesy novella. Regardless, the polish is a delicate mix of mostly white matte and tiny silver glitter with a scattering of colored metallic hex glitter (primarily lilac, green, and orange).

I added one coat of Shaved Nice to my Leapink and Coral look, then added topcoat.

I wasn't that enamored with Shaved Nice over the pink and coral, so decided to try it on its own. On all but my ring finger, I laid down some skintone underwear (OPI Samoan Sand), then added three coats of Shaved Nice plus clear topcoat. There is some visible nail line on my undie-less ring finger, but I don't mind it in this case.

My favorite here is Lay it on the Lime; it's more wearable than neon green but gives a similar bright pop of color, perfect for the season. The glitter is fine but feels more wintery to me than summery. The pink and coral are okay too, but any serious polish person likely has several versions of these colors already. Speaking of which, Of Life and Lacquer did some nail wheel comparisons of these Nicole colors that I found very helpful.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Welp, I guess Lay It on the Lime is going on my wishlist.... and here I just got Sweet on Pete... lol

  2. Lay It On The Lime is pretty and bold. I like it. I also like Shaved Nice :-)

  3. I'm not normally a lime polish fan, but this is sufficiently much white based to be like a spring green, so I have to confess I like Lay It on the Lime a lot :D

  4. I like Lay it on the Lime :) the pink and coral don't feel very unique to me and I agree with you on the glitter... it feels more like holiday to me than summer

  5. My favourite is Lay It on the Lime :-)


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