Monday, June 16, 2014

Zoya Magical PixieDust for Summer 2014

Zoya has released three more Magical PixieDust colors for summer, and I was fortunate to get bottles for review. These textured polishes have the same finish as the spring Magical Pixie collection, chunkier than the original PixieDust polishes, with holographic glitters added for that magical touch. The three shades for summer are Ginni, Bar, and Arlo.

Ginni is a medium warm pink. I used two thin coats for my swatch, and I think that was not quite enough because I didn't like the hint of visible nail line I could see. I have seen other people report they got this opaque in two coats, so perhaps I just needed a heavier hand with it.

I generally prefer finer-grained textures, so I probably would add topcoat if I wore Magical Pixies for a full mani. Here's Ginni all smooth and shiny:

Bar is a soft gold. At two thin coats, it looked too sheer for my taste, so I added a third coat for my swatch.

Bar with topcoat:

Arlo is a medium red violet. I thought because its base color is a touch darker than the others in this trio that two coats would be enough, and it mostly worked out that way, though on a couple of my nails I should have made the coats just a tad thicker.

Arlo shiny with topcoat, which seems to bring out the holo glitter more:

Here are all six Magical Pixies, summer and spring, on a wheel (three spring colors are Lux, Vega, and Cosmo):

I wanted to have a little more fun with these Pixies, so I tried a glitter gradient with Bar over Zoya Dillon from the Awaken collection. I used two coats of Dillon, then stroked Bar on as lightly as I could, first a coat from about a quarter of the way down my nail, then another from about halfway down, and finally added topcoat to smooth out the whole thing. While my gradient could have been smoother, overall I was pleased with the effect.

I also tried layering texture on texture, topping 2 coats of Zoya Carter (from the Fall 2013 PixieDust release) with one coat of Arlo.

I liked the texture of Arlo layered over Carter better than Arlo alone, but then I added topcoat to the combination and thought "nope, Arlo is better shiny regardless".

For my purposes, Zoya could have released these as straight glitters, forget the texture, because I will most likely only wear them with topcoat. Arlo is my favorite, being the most purple, though Bar was surprisingly wearable for me, too.

These Magical PixieDust colors are available on the Zoya website for $10 each (or $30 for the sampler pack of three, which saves the lazy among us clicks while shopping if not money). I've also seen these at Ulta in my area.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Oh these are nice! I really like Arlo and it looks good glossy, the glitter just pops out! :-)

  2. I'm already missing the original PixieDust formula... so many colors they didn't do... *sighs wistfully*

  3. lovely colours, Arlo is my favorite :)

  4. They really look so sugary and pretty, but I do prefer them with top coat :D

  5. they're all so pretty! i still haven't tried any Zoya pixies yet

  6. Bar looks beautiful, without or with top coat :-)


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