Friday, June 13, 2014

Wet 'n' Wild All Access Beauty and Color Club Poptastic Remix

As I did Monday with Sally Hansen and Julie G, today I've combined two collections in one post. This time it's the Wet 'n' Wild Megalast bright cremes from the All Access Beauty display plus the Color Club glitters I grabbed from the Poptastic display at Meijer (according to the Color Club website, these glitters are actually the Poptastic Remix collection; the Meijer display combined Poptastic, Poptastic Remix, and Starry Temptress minus the Starry Temptress glitter topper). These two collections just seemed made for each other; they even stacked nicely in my lightbox for a group shot. Top row: Wet 'n' Wild A Venice Day, Love Me Some Muscles, Beat of a Generation, Trippin' on the Boardwalk, Coast to Coast, Contact High. Bottom row: Color Club Woodstock or Bust, Do the Twist, My Generation, British Invasion (yes, I did find a display that had it after I posted my mid-May displays), Daydream Believer, Go-Go Green.

I chose to use a white creme base under all the Wet 'n' Wild colors, as I knew from poking around online that this collection has some crellies (too sheer to be a true creme, too opaque to be a proper jelly), and I wanted vibrant colors to match up with the vibrant glitters. All the Color Club shades have white and neon (or near neon) matte glitters in a clear base.

Much as I liked matching the colors for the bottle shot, when it came to swatching, I didn't stick to those pairings. For my first couple, I chose Wet 'n' Wild A Venice Day, a yellow crelly, and Color Club Daydream Believer, which has bright turquoise and white matte glitter in a clear base. Because I knew about A Venice Day's crelly-ness from poking around online, I used a white creme base underneath to make the color pop. This swatch is two coats of A Venice Day over white, plus two coats of Daydream Believer on three of my digits. I could have done a better job pushing the glitter around to get it distributed evenly. I could have also added topcoat to smooth out the glitter, though it wasn't especially bumpy even without it.

Wet 'n' Wild Love Me Some Muscles got paired with Color Club Do the Twist. Love Me Some Muscles is a coral-leaning orange creme; I used two coats over white for my swatch. Do the Twist has bright pink, yellow, and white glitter; I used two coats of that on all but my accent nail. The pink glitter got a little lost on the orange background, so I wouldn't recommend this pairing if you like pink.

I made the same mistake with the next set. Wet 'n' Wild Beat of a Generation is a coral-leaning pink crelly, and I used Color Club British Invasion, with bright pink and blue and white glitter, on top. The pink glitter was not bright enough to really stand out against the medium pink base. As with prior pairs, this got a white creme base, two coats of Wet 'n' Wild, then two coats of Color Club on most fingers, no topcoat.

My next duo is Wet 'n' Wild Trippin' on the Boardwalk, a medium purple creme, and Color Club My Generation, with bright pink and white matte glitter. Finally, a combination where the pink glitter stands out properly. I used the same swatching strategy as all the other pairs: white + 2 + 2. This purple reminds me of the one from the Nicole by OPI Neons mini sets, and I am pleased about that because I wished that purple came in a full size.

I didn't have high hopes for good contrast for the remaining glitters, so did them both in one shot to get it over with. Over the white base, on my index and middle fingers, I laid down two coats of Wet 'n' Wild Coast to Coast, a bright royal blue with subtle shimmer, while on my ring and pinky, I put two coats of Wet 'n' Wild Contact High, a bright yellow-leaning green crelly. Then my middle finger got two coats of Go-Go Green, with bright blue, yellow, and white glitter, and my ring finger was topped with two coats of Woodstock or Bust, which has neon yellow and white glitter. I really should have reversed the glitters, because the blue ones blended into Coast to Coast where they wouldn't have on Contact High.

Since I didn't feel like I'd done the greatest job showcasing the glitters, I did some Skittles over black. Left to right: Woodstock or Bust, Go-Go Green, Daydream Believer, one coat of each (Woodstock then Green, then Daydream).

It seems if you're willing to tolerate a little more white glitter in the mix than Go-Go Green has, you could achieve a very similar effect by layering Woodstock or Bust and Daydream Believer, like getting three polishes for the price of two.

My second set of Skittles over black was Do the Twist, My Generation, British Invasion, then all three together.

The mixed nail is extra pink; when I pull these glitters out again, I want to try the three single color ones together and see how that looks.

I am planning a summer brights comparison post, so at least some of the Wet 'n' Wild colors should be shown on their own in that. In the meantime, if you want to see them swatched without a white base, Nouveau Cheap can help you out.


  1. I actually like the last 2 pics where you used a black base and have all 3 glitters on the pinkie nail.

  2. Oh thank goodness.... I was all ready to shake my fist and bemoan my fate, but thankfully those glitters aren't *quite* as unique as I thought they might be. I'll still be getting them for sure (especially My Generation since I don't have a pink one yet), but I can wait. *phew* lol

  3. I like Color Club glitters but most brands has something like that these days.

  4. Mhh I like British Invasion,and My Generation a lot! I like the glitters over black a lot too :)

  5. Really good call on the undies--the WnW shades do a much better job living up to their bottle colours. Plus they look fantastic with the Color Club set!

  6. Stunning combinations! I love the CC ones so much - must have lol :-)

  7. I bought a couple of shades from Poptastic Remix collection during last Cosmoprof and I love them! They're so chaotic and funny!

  8. Wow I love the combinations you did! Especially the last two!

  9. I really love the Color Club glitters! love the white/neon colors going on :) my favorite is daydream believer


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