Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wet Paint Jelly Sandwiches and a Cautionary Tale

As I mentioned yesterday, I had so much fun playing with the Wet Paint jelly polishes they sent for review that one post was not enough. Thus here I am back today with some jelly sandwiches. First up, Wet Paint I Am Aquagirl, a teal jelly, with Color Club Woodstock or Bust, a neon yellow and white matte glitter mix. On most nails, I did two coats of Aquagirl, one of glitter, then another one of Aquagirl. On the accent nail, I did three of Aquagirl topped with the glitter alone so you could see how the jelly transforms the colors of the glitter.

Next up, I have Wet Paint Inky Nights, a deep blue jelly, with OPI Pop the Cork, a gold glitter. I used the same approach as above, leaving the top layer of jelly off an accent nail to show the glitter unobscured. Inky Nights is more pigmented than I Am Aquagirl, so the accent nail has only two coats of it as a base, and the glitter looks more submerged when sandwiched.

Finally, I combined Wet Paint I Am Aquagirl (yes, again; that teal really appealed to me) with Lumina Lacquer Atlas, a blue and green glitterbomb with stars and circles and triangles. I took the reverse approach this time; the accent nail is the jelly sandwich and the other nails are a jelly base plus the glitter (plus clear topcoat, as this is a chunkier glitter than the first two I used).

I couldn't resist including this low light shot featuring one of the holo circles glowing behind its veil of teal jelly:

I really do like these Wet Paint glitters. They're easy to work with, the pigmentation is great, and they're so delightfully squishy. As I mentioned yesterday, you can get them on the Wet Paint website for $8 a bottle, which I think is quite reasonable for the quality.


In the undelightful realm, I now have the cautionary tale promised in the post title. I spent a lot of time over the weekend on my never ending stash reorganization project. This phase involved putting many polishes into boxes and stacking those boxes in my basement for later sorting/swatching/something. I'd done this in the past without incident. This time, though, there was incident. Last night I went downstairs to grab some strips to redo my mani and noticed the stack of boxes looked a little out of skew. I poked at it and it seemed okay, not crazy wobbly, so I went upstairs with my nail strips. A while later, there was a noise. A strange and horrible noise. I went back to the basement to see what I feared I would: the stack of boxes had toppled over. I could see one broken bottle spilling its contents on the floor but had a sinking feeling that was not all the carnage. How could it be when so many polishes were in those boxes? I picked up the bottle that had flown out onto the floor and started wiping up that mess before it even occurred to protect the mani I'd just finished. Dumb. Mr. K brought me a whole roll of paper towels, and I grabbed some rubber gloves and started righting the boxes. I was amazed to find some appeared to be fine, the bottles just jostled, not broken. Some, though, were dripping with wet polish. What a mess. By the time I was done sorting out the broken bottles and then the bottles that were not broken but covered with polish from their fallen comrades, it was way past my bedtime. I didn't take any photos in the heat of the moment, but here are a few of the aftermath.

By the time I was done sorting out the broken bottles and then the bottles that were not broken but covered with polish from their fallen comrades, it was way past my bedtime. All in all (assuming I don't go home tonight to find I overlooked some slowly leaking cracked bottles), I lost a dozen pretties:

American Apparel Poppy
Butter London Cotton Buds
Butter London Giddy Kipper
Butter London Petrol
Essie She's Picture Perfect
Maybelline Ruby Refined
Pahlish Fleur de Sel
Pahlish Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch
Ruby Wing Deepest Desire
Studio M Berry and Bright
Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Sophisticated Lady
Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Teal Slowly and See

Some of these I can replace easily; some I can't. A few I'll miss a lot, most less so (I probably have fine substitutes for all the cremes, for instance, though it does rankle that my Wet 'n' Wild Pop Art Craze set is now incomplete). Considering how many bottles were in those boxes, I could have lost way, way more than these twelve. That's the bright side. The not at all bright side is how very many bottles I have to clean up (and try not to damage the labels too much in the process) or look at in their spattered streaked state.

So don't be like me: if you stack boxes of polish, make darn sure they're all sturdy (the bottom box in my stack was not up to the task). Sure, I got a very colorful pair of rubber gloves out of the experience, but it's not worth it. Also, trust your gut and follow up on those hunches. If I'd more thoroughly investigated the stack when I first noticed it didn't look right, I very well might have spotted the problem box at the bottom and taken it out of the equation, saving my pretties. Sure, I got a very colorful pair of rubber gloves out of the experience that unfolded, but it's not worth it.

The Wet Paint polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Oh, the carnage! Regardless if pretties can be replaced, it still is a loss, not to mention the time to clean up. I stack boxes (and bags) of polishes myself too of those that are still waiting to be organized or integrated into my stash; I had better have a look to see if all are secure. I don't want my own pair of pretty gloves!

  2. I also seem to think I need to look into acquiring Lumina Laquer Atlas....

  3. OHNOES!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* So many preciouses.... sure twelve isn't a lot, but even one lost pretty is a sad thing. Here's hoping that is the last of the carnage. :(

  4. oh no, what a horrible experience - glad you didn't lose too many but what a nightmare cleanup...

  5. Oh my gosh :(
    The Wet Paint jellies look pretty though! Stinks about the rest of your evening...

  6. Oh no - what a shame. At least you didn't lose a lot. But still :-(

    I always keep my polishes in Helmers, that tends to do me.

    And as for the first part of the post! Amazing, I like these jelly sandwiches :-)

  7. I am so sorry for you Karen. It is really good you did not lose more. Hugs my dear!

  8. I love all jelly sandwich designs .. specially aqua one. But I m really sorry for your polishes. Ty for advice

  9. Oh no!! :( I've never seen such sadness! So sorry to see this, Karen!
    I'm loving your jelly sandwiches though!

  10. I Am Aquagirl and Woodstock or Bust look so awesome sandwiched together! So sorry about your polish catastrophe, though, that's horrible!!

  11. Ahh Breaking nail polishes is so sad! & such a pain to clean up!

  12. So sorry to see those broken bottles of polish! :'(

    I really like the jelly sandwiches though... my favorite is Wet Paint Inky Nights + OPI Pop the Cork

  13. Love the jelly sandwiches!
    I'm so sorry about the broken bottles :(

  14. Hi there, i would like to ask if you are willing to sell OPI Pop The Cork! to me? I am residing in Singapore and will pay for the shipping fees. Pls let me know :) Thanks!

    1. Eugenia, I do have an extra I could sell--I don't see a way to contact you through your G+ page, though. I dropped you a message in Hangouts, but email me at the.karend at if you're still interested.


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