Thursday, September 4, 2014

MI-NY Holographic Touch

Thanks to my friend and enabler goldenankh, The Holo Queen, I acquired a full set of the MI-NY Holographic Touch polishes from Italy. The English shade names are refreshingly straightforward: Silver, Pink, Violet, Green, Blue, and Brown.

Because these are precious bottles to me (and at 11 ml, not huge, either), I swatched them in two sets of three rather than doing full hands of each color (and waiting to post about them until I'd worn each as a full mani would put this post in the scheduled somewhere between my retirement and never). First, starting with my index finger, I did Silver, Pink, and Violet, then the three layered together on my pinky finger (the single color nails were two coats each). I laid down Barielle Nail Restructuring Protein and Salon Sciences Instant Artificials first so I'd have a smooth base. Even in the lightbox, I saw rainbows, mostly from Pink and Violet; Silver was just okay.

In direct indoor light, I saw stronger rainbows, with Silver continuing to lag in the colorful department. Violet is the undisputed champion in this trio—it's so very holo.

Outside in the sun, I could see what the MI-NY website meant with their description of these: "This nail polish exalts and transforms the light in very glamour multicolor rainbows."

Brown, Green and Blue made up the second trio, starting with Brown on my index finger and ending with Blue, Green, and Brown layered on my pinky. For these, I used Salon Sciences Instant Artificials plus Seche Vite because wanted to get right to the rainbows and not have to wait for the base coats to dry. The Brown is quite a rosy shade; it looked more brown to me when layered over Blue and Green than on its own. Like the first trio, I saw rainbows in the lightbox, though Blue was just meh, the Silver of its group.

In direct indoor light, things got more colorful (not for Blue so much, unfortunately).

In the sun, it was "very glamour multicolor rainbows" redux (with Blue still being a party pooper).

Before I put these away for the day, I wanted to see if they were the type of holos that die under topcoat, so I slicked Seche Vite on the last trio. The rainbows did dim when the SV was wet, but came back when it dried. Here's the lightbox shot:

And in the sun, complete with divot in my pinky from an encounter with the brick trim around my door (it's a wonder I get out of the house unscathed most days, inattentive as I am all too often; as I type this, I'm sporting a purplish bruise the size of a quarter on the back of my right hand that I have no idea how I got).

I'm not sure what happened with Silver and Blue, as the other four of these are primo linear holos, as good as any I've seen. I think I'll use Silver and Blue as bases for the others, to stretch out how long the good colors last, as they are strong enough that one coat will be sufficient to achieve very glamour.


  1. I have been drooling over the Mi-Ny holos a while now - they are soooo strong and gorgeous!

  2. I like them a lot, especially the green one :)

  3. very nice holos. Haven't wear one for a while :0)

  4. These are stunning holos! They look amazing :-)

  5. I love the ones that are really holo! The pink and violet ones look amazing :)

  6. lol very glamour! The green is so pretty! I like the brown also... party pooper silver and blue made me laugh. : )

  7. Shame on me, I'm Italian but I never bought any Mi-Ny polish! I'm quite surprised to see that the blue is such a "party pooper" (I learnt a new term today, thanks)!
    BTW I often find out bruises I don't know how I got, too (especially on my legs, super sensitive skin...:-/)

  8. Awwww <3 Italy on your hands :D Mi-Ny holos are really strong ones, they're amazing! Pity for the blue one, I didn't remember it being like this.

    1. QueenMiSeRy, it may be that my blue (and silver) came from a bad batch, like when the NfuOhs came out with some dud holos after having strong ones.

  9. some wicked rainbows :D
    i never even heard of this brand ;)

  10. These holos are gorgeous :D The shades are really pretty!


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