Monday, September 22, 2014

Starlight and Sparkles Mythological Holos

Earlier this year, I did a series of posts showcasing some Starlight Polish pretties that Issa of Starlight and Sparkles had sent me for review. I especially liked the Starlight holo topper (in this post) and ordered a full size bottle so I wouldn't have to worry about running out. Of course, I couldn't resist getting a few other things, and it's those things I have to share today—a trio of holo shimmers. Left to right below:d Phoenix Fire (wine), Unicorn Spell (purple), and Dragon Breath (green).

Since I only bought mini bottles, I didn't want to do full hand swatches of each color (can you tell that fear of scarcity is a recurring theme for me?). Looking at the three polishes and my four fingers, rather than repeat one of the colors, I decided to try layering on one of my digits. Top to bottom below: Dragon Breath topped with Unicorn Spell, Dragon Breath, Unicorn Spell, Phoenix Fire. These are two coats of color, no undies. In indirect light, the holo effect is very subtle.

In direct room light, the holo starts to show more:

Outdoors in sun, the rainbows really come out to play:

These all also have a subtle duochrome shift in them, but I got so distracted by the holo that I failed to capture it. To have even more time with these pretties, I added topcoat (Seche Vite in this case) and went back out into the sun to make sure I could still see the pops of color. I could. I was pretty sure I would, but never hurts to check, right?

I quite liked the smoky effect I got with layering Unicorn Spell over Dragon Breath; I might need to do a full mani of that look.

These polishes and other pretties are available in the Starlight and Sparkles etsy shop.


  1. Very pretty and great holo effect :-)

  2. They all look good on you, Dragon Breath and Phoenix Fire speaks my name even if they are a tad dusty...

  3. These look great! I especially love Dragon Breath :) And the layered one looks really good!

  4. Phoenix fire is gorgeous :) but actually all of them look fantastic on your nails <3

  5. Lovely! I'm just a sucker for anything holo. I can't even help myself!

  6. lovely collection, all of them are amazing !

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