Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Polish Revolution Literary Waste Land

Today I have the most recent collection from indie brand Polish Revolution: Literary Waste Land, a group of five glitters inspired by a T.S. Eliot poem. Left to right: The Fire Sermon, The Hyacinth Girl, Unreal City, At the Violet Hour, What the Thunder Said.

The Fire Sermon is an autumnal mix of different sizes of rust and orange hex glitter, some of it holographic, and color shifting square glitter plus yellow orange shimmer in a black jelly base.

I swatched The Fire Sermon on its own at three coats plus topcoat and thought it looked good that way, though I can imagine it looking equally good over various deep base colors, like black or wine or brown.

The Hyacinth Girl has a clear base packed with various shades and sizes and shapes of lilac glitter, square green glitter, iridescent glitter, and lavender shimmer.

I used two coats of The Hyacinth Girl plus topcoat over a dark green LCN shimmer I bought when I was in Minsk at the end of April (there's no shade name on the bottle, at least not in English, but Googling the product number leads me to believe it's called Green Emerald). This combination makes me think of summer, though I bet over a lime or lilac base it would feel more spring-like.

Unreal City has charcoal, grey, sky blue, and dark orange glitter in a cool toned grey crelly base.

I swatched Unreal City at three coats plus topcoat. Looking at it from a seasonal perspective, I'd slot it in winter, near the end, when the snow has gotten a bit dirty and is starting to melt, revealing bits of color from items buried beneath.

At the Violet Hour is a dusty lilac crelly with a rich mix of glitter and shimmer in shades of lavender, purple, and green, including some holo.

At the Violet Hour also took three coats plus topcoat for my swatching purposes.

What the Thunder Said has blue, pinkish red, lilac, and holographic glitter in a black jelly base; the special touch here are the large round charcoal holo glitters.

I use three coats of What the Thunder Said plus topcoat for my swatch. I did not have much success coaxing the circle glitters out to play; it was possible but I lacked the patience on this particular day. It's fun to look at even without the circles, though.

I felt a bit bad about rushing through my swatching of What the Thunder Said and not giving it a chance to show it's full circled glory on my nails, so I gave it some extra attention by adding a coat of The Hyacinth Girl, which actually coordinated quite nicely.

I quite like these polishes; you can tell that there's a lot of care and thought that went into them—the glitter/shimmer combinations strike a great balance between having enough variety to be interesting but not so much that they look messy.

The collection is available from the Polish Revolution etsy store for $9 per full size bottle.


  1. @_@ Love What The Thunder Said. I need more circle glitters in my life...

  2. These are gorgeous! I especially love The Hyacinth Girl and At The Violet Hour.

  3. The first one and the last one seem the most interesting to me.

  4. The Hyacinth Girl is really pretty over the green!

  5. Cool! I love discovering a new brand, this one's right up my alley. I love their inspiration and all the colors are pretty. Right now, I'm feeling Unreal City the most... it's a neutral, but still interesting.

  6. These look really nice! Hyacinth Girl look amazing layered :-)


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