Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wheel L7: Sally Hansen Chromes and Crystal Chromes

(most of these are one coat, except for the Crystal Chromes, which are two)

1. Revlon Top Speed Chrome Petal Chrome [the only Top Speed Chrome I have so I let it hang out with the Sally Hansen ones]
2. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Sapphire
3. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Turquoise
4. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Pure Crystal
5. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Champagne Crystal
6. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Chrome Crystal
7. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Lilac Crystal
8. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Pink Crystal
9. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Baby Blue Crystal
10. Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Petal Crystal
11. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Copper Chrome
12. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Amber Chrome
13. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Ruby Chrome
14. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Rhodolite Chrome
15. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Royal Purple Chrome
16. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Moonstone Chrome
17. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Opal Chrome
18. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Jewel Chrome
19. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Pink Jade Chrome
20. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Carnelian Chrome

The regular Chromes look great on the smooth, smooth nail wheel surface. The Crystal Chromes, not so much. I don't recall what the deal was with the Crystal Chromes—did they have more color to them when they were new?

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. These looks so pretty! I do like the chrome finish :-)

  2. Are they good for stamping? I like them, pink chromes in particular.

    1. A. notcopyacat, I haven't tried the Crystal Chromes for stamping, but the Chrome Nail Makeup do work nicely as long as you work fast (they dry pretty quickly).

  3. These look all so very lovely :) I do not own a chrome nail polish but I am very tempted now :D

    1. shortylegsbeauty, I think a well-rounded stash needs at least one chrome finish. :)

  4. My favourites are the metallic blue :)

    1. Beautyshades, the blues are definitely standouts, though of course my favorite is #15, the most purple one. :)

  5. I remember the Revlon Top Speed Chromes- I was in Vancouver visiting family and vividly remembering my cousing having most of them and my mom complaining to my aunt that I have so many polishes (around 20 at the time). Wondering if she still has them

    1. amusedPolish, so funny that 20 polishes seems like a lot to "normal" folks.

  6. Oh my! I love them all! The wheel looks so beautiful :D

  7. A while ago I found Opal Chrome and the formula was horrendous :(


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