Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Minsk Quartet

I'm just back from my second trip to Minsk for my job (the first was at the end of April). This time, I managed to start some posts ahead of time and finish them when I was on the road, as I was more comfortable with how things worked there and knew I'd have good internet. I did of course buy some nail polish while I was there (included two separate transactions where I liberated polishes from one of the glassed in mall kiosks even though the sales girls and I shared no common language), but it will be a while before I'll be able to get those beauties into the blog. Instead, I have swatches of some polishes I bought on my earlier trip, starting with BelorDesign Classic shade 19. This red wine shimmer took two coats.

The label has a mix of English and Russian on it (and maybe a little Polish?):

I topped the wine with a pink, orange, and iridescent glitter whose bottle sported a colorful scattering of silver holo squares on the handle.

I added two coat of the glitter and then topcoat. I'm not sure what the brand of the the glitter is; the bottle has just an R with a crown on top. The shade is "01".

I quite liked this combination; I'd describe it as "girly autumn".

The second shimmer I swatched from my first Minsk haul was Maxi Color Style 108, a warm medium purple with golden shimmer. I used three coats of this one, but two might have been sufficient.

The back label on this one was mostly Russian.

I would have liked this one more if it were a bit less brushstrokey, but the color sure is pretty.

I blinged up the purple with another glitter from the R crown brand, shade 03, a mix of deep sky blue and dusty pink hexes with tiny rose gold speckles.

I don't remember if I got more colors from these particular brands on this most recent trip—I'm still feeling some effects of jet lag and my brain is not retaining all the details it normally would, such as the fact that I need my building pass to get into the office (fortunately I arrived at the same time as someone else, so I snuck in with him and fortunately had lunch in the freezer and no meetings on other floors so it all worked out).


  1. They are both gorgeous - with and without the glitters!

  2. Oh wow I like both and they look good with the glitter :-)

  3. Pretty layerings. The first one informs that a Polish factory made this nail polish for Belarus.

    1. A. notcopyacat, thank you for the translation!

  4. I love all of these shades, the first braun polish would be perfect for the upcoming season :)
    thanks for sharing this post darling, <3

    xx julia

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  6. Great swatches. You nails look beautiful!

  7. Ooh I love the red wine polish! And the two "R" glitters look gorgeous as well, girly autumn is a perfect description!


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