Thursday, October 23, 2014

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Swatches and Comparisons

Sample provided for review

The Color Club Seven Deadly Sins collection is made up of seven textured matte glitters: Dirty Money, Indulge Me, Friends with Benefits, Under Your Spell, Fierce, You're so Vain, and Obsessed. I couldn't map these one to one to the actual deadly sins; sloth in particular doesn't seem to be represented.

Dirty Money (for the sin of Greed, I assume), is a light gold with a textured microglitter base and a scattering of small lighter gold hexes; I used two coats for my swatch. The color really doesn't suit me, and I wasn't too sure about the texture, which is not as pronounced as some other brands I've tried. That might be a good thing if you don't like texture that much, but to my eye it read more as "lumpy" than "textured".

I compared Dirty Money to L'Oreal The Statement Piece. Left to right: Color Club, L'Oreal, Color Club, L'Oreal (two coats each). The Color Club is less sparkly and more yellow-toned; the L'Oreal is a better match for me.

Indulge Me (Gluttony, maybe?) is a coppery brown with orange, pink, and gold microglitter. I applied two coats, then waited for it to dry; it never got especially matte or textured, so I went ahead and added topcoat.

I think this one is pretty and perfect for fall; I would not wear it without topcoat, though, as the shiny seems to bring out the colors of the microglitter.

Indulge Me seemed similar to L'Oreal I Like It Chunky, so I put them on side by side. Left to right: Color Club, L'Oreal, Color Club, L'Oreal (two coats each). The base color in these two seems very close, but the L'Oreal has a scattering of gold hex glitter that the Color Club does not, and that makes it pull a little warmer, so I'd go with the Color Club in this pair if I had to choose. (Oh, and this photo also shows what Indulge Me looks like without topcoat.)

Friends With Benefits (Lust, I suppose) is a cool-toned lilac with a silvery microglitter base and a scattering of hex glitter in a slightly darker shade. Of course I liked the color of this one, but I would have liked more texture and glitter.

Comparing Friends With Benefits to L'Oreal Diamond in the Rough, I found the Color Club to be lighter and less blingy thna the L'Oreal. Left to right: Color Club, L'Oreal, Color Club, L'Oreal (two coats each).

You're So Vain (gotta be Pride) is a deep purple with gold, pink, and blue microflakies. I went directly to topcoat on this one and found it quite pretty when shiny.

Here's You're So Vain in direct low light:

Fierce (possibly for Wrath) is a deep plum-leaning brown with copper, gold, and purpley pink microflakies. I fancied I could see a green flash in the bottle but that didn't translate to the nail. I topcoated this one from the start.

Here's Fierce in direct low light—in a word, gorgeous:

I didn't see anything close to Fierce in the L'Oreal textures I'd pulled for comparison, but let it tag along in the You're So Vain versus L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins matchup. Left to right (all two coats): Fierce, Sexy in Sequins, You're So Vain, Sexy in Sequins. No matches here. Fierce is warmer and browner. The based colors of the other two are closer, with the L'Oreal being a touch more blue. The L'Oreal is also more textured and has hex glitter which the others do not. (I left the two Color Clubs un-topcoated here.)

Under Your Spell (Lust again, maybe,or perhaps this the Sloth one—I sometimes fall under the spell of laziness,for sure) has a medium purple base with gold shimmer and lilac hex glitter. I used two coats plus topcoat for my swatch.

In low light, Under Your Spell's base took on a deep blue look, with the gold and glitter floating on that.

Under Your Spell looks a lot like L'Oreal Too Dimensional in the bottle. On the nail, the L'Oreal has more texture and a more golden cast. Left to right: Color Club, L'Oreal, Color Club, L'Oreal (two coats each).

Obsessed (for Envy, I suppose) has a deep navy base with green and blue microflakies. Here's how it looks at two coats plus topcoat:

In low light, the base of Obsessed goes black and the microflakies pop more:

The base color of Envy is very close to that of L'Oreal Hidden Gems, but the L'Oreal has silver hex glitter added.

My picks are Fierce and You're So Vain, to be worn shiny. The texture in these seems not quite strong enough to look deliberate, so I don't see myself ever wearing any of the collection without topcoat. I think a deep green would have been a great addition to this collection; I'd kick out the gold since we've seen plenty of gold textures already but not very many dark green ones.

The Color Club polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I have wanted this entire collection since I first saw the advertisements for it, but *somehow* it never occurred to me that they would look like the L'Oreal Gold Dust polishes. I do like Fierce a lot. Oh, and you're dead on with your sins. For sloth, just think...brain dead...zoned out...ZZZzzzzzz...

  2. Ohhh I really like a couple of these, with topcoat of course lol

  3. This looks like a nice collection. But I must admit to finding the last CC textures slightly annoying, certainly the ones I've tried! Still got a few to try from that collection! :-)

  4. You're So Vain and Under Your Spell are my favorites!

  5. I like You're So Vain and Obsessed the most - with top coat, I love how the sparkles come to life that way. Fierce also looks pretty nice!

  6. under your spell-that is my favourite but i would love to have them all ! thanks for nice pictures and have a nice weekend !

    1. I agree!
      These shades look great! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! :)


  7. I love textured nail polishes, my favourite is You're So Vain :-)

  8. These are nice but...Weird texture!
    I agree with your choice of "top coating" some of them from the start!


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