Thursday, October 2, 2014

Looking Back at My Nails of the Day

It's been a while since I did a NOTD post, so let's get caught up. I've been wearing a lot of strips, mostly because I like them and they wear well on me, but also because they're perfect to put on right before bed, which is the only time I seem to get around to doing my nails lately.

The oldest not yet posted mani in my files is one I did with Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the black and silver Show Your Stripes design. I wore this same design back in 2011 on slightly shorter nails.

Another week, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fingerlace Gloves, a black lace on ivory design, got the call.

I put on Sally Hansen Salon Effects Stud-io Time in a hotel room.

After all the black in the strips, I was ready for a light mani, so I tried Essence Colour & Go Hey Nude, which I'd picked up in Minsk. This sheer peachy ivory with silver glitter and shimmer is one of the "sparkle sand effect" polishes. This wasn't as textured as most textures I've tried.

Above photo is Hey Nude without topcoat, but I didn't wear it that way because it seemed a bit slow to dry and was still dentable after what I felt was a reasonable time, so I slicked Seche Vite on top and went about my business.

As you can see, I've been really into neutral nails lately. I have fun swatching all the fun new shades but when it comes time to do a mani, I choose quieter looks. I'm sure it's just a phase; I always come back to colorful nails eventually.


  1. If I was to wear stripes, those cream and black lace ones would be calling my name!

  2. Yes, they are quieter, but not 100% quiet :D

  3. The lacy design is really nice and I like the Essence :-)

  4. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fingerlace Gloves looks great :D

  5. I love the black lace stripes!! And the Essence textured looks better with top coat IMHO...


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