Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shortest Display Post Ever

In the three weeks since my last display post, I saw some additional Halloween displays and figured I'd best get them up here on the blog now since there are only a few days to go before the ghouls and goblins and sexy ghosts/librarians/super heroes/etc. show up.

My Sally Beauty store (and maybe yours, too), tucked the Halloween makeup displays, including the polish, on an endcap in the middle of the store, which doesn't really cater to folks like me who are in the habit of just hitting the nail polish displays near the front and pretty much ignoring all the hair stuff that takes up most of the rest of the space. Which is my long winded way of saying these next displays might have been in the store for weeks before I stumbled across them. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who didn't know they were there, as when I saw the China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour display, it was full. This has the perennial classic Ghoulish Glow glow in the dark polish along with five limited edition colors: I Love Your Guts (pink/black), Getting to Gnaw You (black/copper), But of Corpse (green/black), Rest in Pieces (black/bronze/holo), and Don't Let the Dead Bite (pink/red). I'd expected to see these at Ulta, too, but my store only ever got a small display which had just Ghoulish Glow in it.

I'd expected to see the China Glaze collection at Ulta, too, but my store only ever got a small display which had just Ghoulish Glow in it.

The Orly Halloween display is all repromotes: Liquid Vinyl, Charged Up, and Melt Your Popsicle.

The Orly Rebel Chic nail art kit was also tucked into the Halloween section; it's got a mini of Iron Butterfly along with various studs and some skull and crossbones charms.

Sally Girl Ghoul's Night Out has a glow in the dark polish; there were also pumpkin bottles with black and orange cremes, called Black Pumpkin and Orange Pumpkin, respectively.

One thing I'd expected to see by now and haven't is the OPI Peanuts collection, which I understood was a Halloween release. Guess I'll have to shop online if I wan those glitters, and you know I want those glitters.

I'll have a full display post before too long, but wanted to get these time sensitive ones posted now in case you want to go looking for them before Halloween.


Reminder: my Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Giveaway closes tomorrow at midnight Eastern US time.


  1. I went to Sally's the other day and saw the same thing...I did get really excited that they finally had them, though! I picked up Getting to Gnaw You :)

  2. re-promotes are weird to me. i love those orly colors, but why don't they come out with new stuff?

  3. That Ulta CG 'collection' has to be the saddest little display I've seen yet! But this may explain why I didn't see any Halloween displays at Sally's last weekend because you're so right, I just shop in the front half of the store, and sometimes not even that if the clearance polishes are up front. lol I want to pick up a couple of the CG colors, they're neat.

  4. Nice selection. Had my eye on a few of the China Glazes :-)

  5. I'll have to see if my Sally's has pumpkin polishes; never seen them there before.

  6. Maybe short - but I still love it .)


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