Friday, October 3, 2014

Zoya Ignite Collection Swatches and Nail Art

Sample provided for review

For their main offering for Fall 2014, Zoya has two six-piece collections: Entice is all cremes, while Ignite is all shimmers. I'm starting with Ignite today, because shimmers are more interesting. (Next week I'll share Entice.) Left to right: Autumn, India, Teigen, Sansa, Yuna, Remy.

Of these six, Yuna intrigued me the most. It has a smoky slate grey base with gold shimmer. I did two coats for my swatch; it was nearly a one-coater, though.

Look how gorgeous Yuna is in direct low light:

My second favorite from Ignite is Remy, a deep, deep turqoise-leaning blue with teal shimmer. This was two coats as well. I think of Remy as the fall/winter Charla.

In direct low light, Remy goes even darker and more blue:

Remember this past summer when I was putting Zoya Bubbly collection on all the things? I'm not done. Here's Muse over Remy, with one finger left untopped for comparison purposes—I love this combination:

The other four shimmers in Ignite seemed to work well together, like autumnal ombre-esque Skittles, so that's how I swatched them. Top to bottom (2 coats of each): Autumn, Teigen, India, and Sansa.

Autumn is a deep orange with gold shimmer. Teigen has a berry base with gold and red shimmer. India is a wine red with orange and red shimmer. Sansa is deep purple with gold shimmer.

Low light shot of these four beauties:

I liked this quartet so much that I decided I wanted to try putting all four on each nail, so after taking off the Skittles, I grabbed a narrow brush and got to work. I put one stripe of Autumn down the center of each nail, then flanked it with Teigen, then India, then Sansa. I didn't want to have to go back over the stripes and probably mess them up in the process, so I tried to lay the polish on thick, and mostly succeeded, though there were some thin spots. I added topcoat to smooth things out when I was done. I was kind of fascinated with this look, angling my hand this way and that and watching the stripes blend more into each other then show up more distinctly depending on how the light was hitting my nails.

Much as I liked the stripes, I knew I had more swatching to do and had to take them off. Doing more Bubbly-ing cheered me right up. Top to bottom: Autumn plus Sansa plus Binx, Autumn plus Alma, Teigen plus Binx, and Teigen plus Muse. I'd wear any of these combos as a full mani.

Zoya polishes are available on the Zoya website for $9 a bottle. Follow the Zoya Facebook page for notice of sales and specials as well as plenty of swatches. Many (all?) Ulta stores also carry Zoya.

The Ignite collection polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Nice experiments with Bubbly :D I like the stripes too, they look so multicoloured and like a one polish at once :)

  2. Remy is amazing shade , i love it , but the others 4 autumn colors really go together !
    i love you put many pictures, i have enjoyed ! nice colection!

  3. Oh wow the Ignite was the range I was after. They look great especially with the Bubblys :-)

  4. Great swatches as usual! Some of these shades I must get my hands on :P

  5. Great post! I especially like the look of Teigen :)

  6. They're all so pretty! And I loved how your stripes blended together.

  7. OMG, I love all of them- your swatches are so good Karen :)

  8. I like them! Perfect for autumn. Love the first one the most:)

  9. It's a beautiful collection with so many gorgeous colors for fall. I haven't tried mine yet, and I can't wait to after seeing your swatches. :)

    ~ Yun

  10. They're all sooo beautiful! Your swatches are brilliant x

  11. yuna looks like something worth having it :D

  12. I like all of them. Need to try some Zoya polishes but here is hard to find them :)

  13. Bubbly makes all Ignite's better!

  14. After watching your swatches I'm even more happy that I ordered Remy, Sansa and Yuna...and I little bit sad about missing the warmer tones, the striped mani you did is gorgeous <3


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