Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wheel N7: Classic Toppers from OPI and Revlon

It's Nail Wheel Wednesday once again, and I have sheer toppers of a certain age, namely from 2005 and earlier. I don't know exactly when the original ColorStays are from, but I did go digging and find a post I made on Livejournal in June of 2005 (I can't remember the last time I looked at LJ) saying I was seriously crushing on my nail polish, a Revlon ColorStay (not one of the ones on this wheel but a shade called Absolute Bliss UltraSheer, which my spreadsheet tells me is a pale warm pink creme).

(all three coats except as noted below)

1. OPI Yule Love This Silver [from 2001 holiday collection]
2. OPI Glim-merry Gold Glitter Top Coat (2 coats) [from 2002 Victorian Holiday collection]
3. OPI Thrills in Beverly Hills Glitter Top Coat (2) [from 2005 Shopping Around the World holiday collection]
4. OPI Rent [from 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection]
5. Revlon ColorStay Rose Sparks
6. Revlon ColorStay Sheer Sparkling Orchid
7. Revlon ColorStay Sheer Sparkling Pink
8. Revlon ColorStay Sheer Sparkling Bliss
9. Revlon ColorStay Sheer Sparkling Nude
10. Revlon ColorStay Sheer Sparkling Coral
11 to 20. same as above, over black creme

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 10:

I wouldn't wear any of these on their own except maybe Rent, if I were in a very quiet mood and my nails were not stained (my swatching hand generally has some yellowing just because I don't usually use base coat during swatching sessions). From a destashing perspective, I think I could let go of 3, 17, and 20 without too much trouble, and if I compared these to other similar toppers, I'm sure I could find some more overlap and opportunity to de-dupe.


  1. Haha when I looked at your nail wheel I was like "why did she only use half the nail wheel and then start at 11?!" lol. I love all of these a lot over black!

  2. They look so good over the black :-)

  3. I like the effects - toppers are such useful additions to our mani's :)


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