Monday, October 27, 2014

Smitten Polish Current Limited Editions

Over the weekend, I experienced the entirely too rare overlap of sunshine and swatching time, so I took advantage of that to try some Smitten Polish limited edition shades while they're still current.

The Halloween Duo has Fire Burn, an orange jelly packed with sparkly microglitter, and Cauldron Bubble, a black jelly just as packed with super fine holo microglitter. These are available separately, but you are a stronger person than me if you can get just one (and also if you can read the names without hearing the Frog Choir singing in your head). I alternated the colors on my nails, using two coats of each, then added topcoat to speed dry time so I could get to taping off narrow triangles to be filled in with the opposite color (I used regular Scotch transparent tape, putting it on the back of my hand first to make it less sticky and thus less likely to mess with the base layer). As noted in the shop listings, these polishes like topcoat; I put on one layer, let it dry, then put on a second to ensure smooth shininess.

Both of these turned up the sparkle in direct indoor light:

Outside in the sun, there was even more sparkle plus pops of rainbow colors from the holo glitter:

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble was one of those manis that I wish I'd done as the last look in a swatching session, as I really didn't want to take it off, but remove it I did so I could sample Out of the Darkness, a color Smitten Polish created for Suicide Prevention Month; $6 of the purchase price of each bottle sold until the end of October is being donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is a purple jelly with teal and purple holo, and color shifting glitter.

I used two coats of color plus two layers of topcoat for my swatch. Of course I loved this, what with the purple and the glitter and the pretty.

Here's Out of the Darkness in direct indoor light:

In the sunshine, even more colors showed up to play:

As of the time I'm typing this, all three of these shades are still available in the Smitten Polish shop. You can follow the Smitten Polish Facebook page for swatches and information about restocks and such.


  1. They are so gorgeous all 3 of them <3

  2. These look gorgeous and I love the sparkles :-) The first combo looks great :-)

  3. wow!!! The first manicure is really super pretty and nicely done, I love the contrast between the two colours!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, I think that for your kind of skin tone would be interesting to combine cold brown shades and dark blue (and anthracite of course), I linked under yr comment a make up that I created some times ago with some blue turquoise and brown,

  4. These are fabulous Smittens! I wore the Halloween Duo too over the weekend; they go so good together!

  5. All are gorgeous, I especially love the first two... the combo of the pretty colors with the great names . LOVE your triangle mani! It suits those polishes so, so well.

  6. awesome polishes, love your v manicure, looks gorgeous under sunlight :D


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