Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wheel C7: Charcoal Shimmers

This Nail Wheel Wednesday I have charcoal shimmers, from merely dark grey to pretty much black.

1. Joe Fresh Gunmetal (2 coats)
2. Ulta Pro Rock-a-Billy (2)
3. Ulta Heavy Petal (3)
4. Orly Steel Your Heart (2)
5. Ulta Pro Metallic Mania (1)
6. Ulta uknown mini (2)
7. Ulta Marquise (3)
8. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Midnight Sky (3) [could be a two-coats, but the silver microglitter in here is so pretty it's hard to stop]
9. Nails Inc. Maddox Street (2)
10. China Glaze Stone Cold (2) [reminds me of OPI Suede polishes]
11. LA Colors Color Craze unknown (3)
12. Ulta Pro Black Russian (2)
13. Ulta Pro Rhinestone Rocker (2) [very similar to 12, but this has sparks of blue and pink in the shimmer while 12 is just silver]
14. NARS Night Breed (2) [probably should have gone on a glitter wheel]
15. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Oxide (2)
16. L'Oreal Raven's Strength (2)
17. Sally Hansen New Lengths Haunted (3)
18. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black Platinum (3)
19. Essence Denim Wanted I Love My Jeans (2)
20. Sally Hansen Salon Voodoo (2) [I've said it before and I'll say it again—I miss these square Salon bottles]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

As per usual, I see ample opportunities for destashing here, on grounds of dupey-ness or brustrokey-ness or boring-ness. If the stash management police showed up tonight, I'd ask to keep 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, and 20. Then they'd say that's too long a list, and I'd give up 6, 7, and 13, too. And then I'd probably stare dejectedly out the window as they loaded my bottles into their truck and drove away.


  1. Oooh Ulta Pro Rock-a-Billy really stands out. What a beauty!

  2. Karen, funny pics: I mean when you don't read it's a grey and charcoal to black, they look as if they were photographed in black and white :D 10. China Glaze Stone Cold (2) - that's my favourite.

  3. There are many pretties - even if it's not a favorite color, I'm draw to it. I have and love China Glaze Stone Cold :)

  4. Aww, that's sad to think about, the stash management police. Bye bottles...

    I have and love Stone Cold, too! I love this type of color, they're classic and always look good.

  5. Oh wow some really nice colours here :-)

    Lol stash management police *giggles*. Isn't that our husbands? ;-)

  6. I am really loving all the shimmer! I think they all look pretty great, but nr. 10 and 11 for some reason appeal the most to me :)

  7. LOVELY!!! I was very happy to learn that my first-glance favorite was ChG Stone Cold! ^_^ No having to search for that one!

  8. Stone Cold is my fave as well. I think I have 3 bottles of it. I'd see a swatch and need the polish; go buy it. See it a few weeks later, forget I already had a bottle and have to go out and buy one...few weeks later....!

  9. Stash management police LOL (I agree with Ananka, my husband keeps telling me "you will never use all those polishes, why don't you arrange a blogsale or get rid of them 0_0?"...and luckily he actually ignores the exact number of bottles I own :-P).


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