Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sally Hansen Comparisons

With all the new colors from Sally Hansen out in stores right now, I felt some comparisons were called for, both new colors with each other and new colors with earlier ones.

Let's start with Triple Shine, matching up the new light blue shimmer Make a Splash (on the left) with the old light blue shimmer Pool Party (on the right).

Here they alternating on the nail, starting with Make a Splash on the far left; this is three coats of each. You can see that Make a Splash is a cooler-toned blue with a slightly finer shimmer. They're certainly not dupes.

Next I've got blue green cremes: Triple Shine Seasational (from last summer's LE Tahiti Sunset collection), Triple Shine Seas the Day (new core), and Complete Salon Manicure Please Sea Me (existing core).

Top to bottom: Seasational (2 coats), Seas the Day (1), Please Sea Me (2), Seas the Day. Seasational is obviously greener than the other two. Seas the Day is a touch darker than Please Sea Me; definitely one wouldn't need both in one's stay unless a laying the foundation for a super subtle teal blue ombre was the goal.

Peachy/orangey cremes are up next: Complete Salon Manicure Cute-ture (from last fall's LE Runway collection), Triple Shine Peach Party (new core), and Complete Salon On the Mango (also from the Runway collection).

Left to right: Cute-ture (3 coats), Peach Party (2), On the Mango (2), and Peach Party. Cute-ture is pinker, but about the same level of pastel as Peach Party. On the Mango was brighter than I remembered; in the bottle, I expected it to be much closer to Peach Party.

In the neutral cremes category, I've got Insta Dri Show Steel-er, Triple Shine Wet Suit, Triple Shine Shark Bait, and Xtreme Wear Bare It All. These are all new core shades.

Top to bottom (all two coats): Show Steel-er, Wet Suit, Shark Bait, Bare It All. No dupes here. Show Steel-er is a lighter grey than Wet Suit, while Shark Bait is cooler-toned than Bare It All.

Red violet and dark red cremes are up next: Insta Dri Cherry Fast, Triple Shine Water Lily, Triple Shine Redflection, and Insta Dri Berry Magical. These are all new core colors, except for the limited edition Berry Magical.

There's a lot more similarity with these two pairs. Left to right: Cherry Fast (1 coat), Water Lily (2), Redflection (2), Berry Magical (1). I'm hard pressed to see any difference between the first two, and while I can see that the last two aren't an exact match (Berry Magical leans a touch more toward purple), they're so close that if you miss Berry Magical I think Redflection would be a perfectly fine substitute.

My last group are purple cremes: Insta Dri Grape Escape, Triple Shine Watts New, Triple Shine Deep End, Insta Dri Plummet. Grape Escape is LE; the others are new core shades.

Top to bottom: Grape Escape (1 coat), Watts New (2), Deep End (2), Plummet (1). Watts New is the odd one out here; it's a touch lighter and more red-toned than the other three. Grape Escape and Deep End are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned. Plummet is a touch more blue, but when purples are this dark, that hardly matters. Even I, a purple aficionado, have a hard time justifying having all three of these dark cremes.

I definitely have a lifetime supply of creme nail polish at this point—unless I start painting cars with it or some other large scale project—but it's so much fun to do comparisons that I just keep buying more. Maybe I should look into that car painting thing.


  1. Some are really very similar!

  2. I think painting cars with nail polish would be a fun project. Well... maybe one car.... lol Fantastic comparison post!

  3. I always love comparison posts. I want Shark Bait just for the name lol

  4. I always love comparison posts. I want Shark Bait just for the name lol

  5. lovely post, and really some of them are very similar (but still different)

  6. Some of these look really samely. Nice comparisons :-)


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