Monday, April 13, 2015

Core Displays Continued

A couple weeks ago, I shared some core displays at Ulta, and today I have more core stuff from there and CVS and Sally Beauty.

At Sally Beauty, they've changed the shape of the Sally Girl bottles to square them off. They're still mini size.

I did not take shots of every row with every polish name; I'm bold, but not that bold (you can see how close to the register this is, what with the SA standing right there). The curious thing about this change is the two limited edition groups I've seen since it was made were both in the old bottle style, with the flared top, like the Sweet Candy Dreams ones. Maybe they prepare those collections way ahead of time?

I like the Sally Girl bottle change; the wider bottom should make those more stable to work with. I do not like that the Salon Sciences products have disappeared from the shelves at Sally Beauty. Instant Artificials is my go to base coat, getting slicked on over whatever treatment I'm using at the time, which is sometimes Starting Over After Artificials (despite not having had artificial nails). Most stores are completely out now, not even having the little plastic trays on the shelves pictured here.

It may be just a coincidence, but at around the same time the clear pink Instant Artificials disappeared, a clear pink FingerPaints Nail Strengthener showed up. I don't plan to try it until I've used up my existing stock of IA (of course my nail plans are pretty much always subject to change).

OPI is now in the "gel polish without a light" business with the Infinite Shine Gel Effects Laccquer System, which I've seen at Sally Beauty and Ulta. Here they are at Sally Beauty, with the fancy but not so great for photos (or actually looking at the polish) backlit display.

Here's the display at Ulta:

There are thirty colors here, plus the Primer (base) and Gloss (top) coats (it's a "system", remember), placed in the displays from number 1 (Pretty Pink Perseveres) in the top row uppper left through 30 (You Can Count on It) in the bottom row lower right.

Ulta has these priced at $12.50 per color, $19.95 for the pack with Primer and Gloss. I don't know that I'll be trying these anytime soon, since the products I use now last as long as I need them to, and I like to be able to mix and match my base, color, and top coats.

If you want a more expensive gel look polish, Butter London Patent Shine 10X has arrived at Ulta for $18 a bottle (.4 oz. vs. .5 oz. for the OPI). This doesn't seem to be a system, though it is shelved next to the Patent-Gel Top & Tails set that's been around a while.

There are fourteen shades here, mostly "muggle friendly" colors. I don't feel a burning need to grab any of these, especially at that price point, even though they don't seem to need a special base or top coat. Again, I don't need longer wear, and none of these colors really call out to me.

The Spoiled line is out of CVS, making room for a new brand, Pop-arazzi, which has cute black and white polka dotted caps (except for the two that have dropper caps). There are 64 shades (including clear) plus bases, tops, and treatments. They're $2.99 or 2 for $5.

Top row: One Step Prep, My Tips Are Sealed, Mind Over Matter, Sticky Situation, Fillin' Smooth, Flash Forward, Insta-Shine, Too Cute-icle.

Second row: Hit the Goldmine, Pageant Girl, Star Shine, Never Too Rich, Seeing Sparkles, Perfectly Peacock, Sparkle-fetti, Yin Meets Yang.

Third row: Love All, Lime-ousine Ride, Tropic Tango, Fuchsia in Show Biz, I Want to Be Royale, Head Over Teals, Sapphire Desire, Pick You Up at Seven.

Fourth row: Clearly Thinking, City Sparkle, Icing on the Cake, Pretty in Pearls, Quiet on the Set, So Cheeky, Sugar Spun, Toes in the Sand.

Fifth row: Short But Sweet, Watermelon Spritz, Living Coral, Spice is Nice, Shell Me More, Surf n' Turf, Emerald Ice, Money Honey.

Sixth row: Mauvie in Night, Lovely in Lilac, In Your Dreams, Orchid Crush, You're a Gem, Down the Runway, The Hue is Blue, Just Beachin'.

Seventh row: Frosted Fairytale, Wink Wink, Blushing Beauty, Kiss Ya Later, Call Me a Cab, Razzy Baby, Meet Me Downtown, Mind Your Manners.

Eigth row: Bronze Metal, Carmella Latte, Reddy Set Action, Retro Delicious, Info Red, Starlet Fever, Leading Lady in Red, Crimson Couture.

Ninth row: Cinna-Ya-Mon, Midnight Maven, Break His Heart, Auto-Graphite, Don't Need No Romeo, Curfew, Glam Factor, Going for Gold.

The bottom row has a nai art set and a French manicure trio:

I did buy some of the Pop-arazzi colors; when I will get around to swatching them, I have no idea.

Of course there have been more new non-core displays popping up, so I'll have those in my next display post.


  1. Some really nice displays. Some of the Pop-arazzis look good :-D

  2. I'm telling my self I'm not envious, but I'm afraid I am :D

  3. Oh mercy me I think I have to go to CVS now....

  4. I love the Pop-arazzi polka dotted caps! That looks really cute!

  5. I like vivid colours and I see many here!

  6. *I can't look; I might need something new!*

  7. I love the new Sally Beauty bottles, if I lived in the US I would be so tempted by them!! BTW you were really bold (I hate when displays are so close to the counter, I'm a bad photographer in disguise and I'd die of shame if some SA would tell me "You can't take pics")!!
    [I hope the grammar of my last sentence is correct ^_^]


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