Thursday, April 9, 2015

Essie Spring 2015 Plus Funky Fingers Glitters

I scooped up all six colors from the Essie Spring 2015 collection even though they are all cremes and heaven knows I have several lifetime's worth of cremes already; the neat square bottles get me every time. Left to right: Flowerista, Petal Pushers, Garden Variety, Blossom Dandy, Perennial Chic, Picked Perfect.

I began with Picked Perfect and Perennial Chic, the two warmer neutrals. Picked Perfect is a milky tea color; on me it pulls more brown than I've seen in some other people's swatched. Perennial Chic is a light apricot. I don't think either of these are especially flattering on me, but they did apply nicely. I did one thick coat of Picked Perfect and two of Perennial Chic.

You know cremes by themselves don't hold my attention for long, so of course I reached for some glitter to jazz these up. When you saw "Funky Fingers Glitters" in the title, did you think I was pulling out the "Grease" colors yet again? Nope. Today I've got the two seashore themed ones that showed up a bit before those, with no signage at all to indicate if they're a collection or what. Unlike the colored jelly bases of the You're the One That I Want group, these both have clear bases. Scattered Sea Shells is on the left, Broken Sea Glass on the right.

Scattered Sea Shells has white matte glitter in varied sizes accented with pink, light blue, and yellow satin glitter.

I put one coat of Scattered Sea Shells (plus a few dabs) on top of the first two Essie shades; now this is more my style.

And then, glitter time. Funky Fingers Broken Sea Glass has various sizes of matte and satin glitter in white, light blue, lime, and lilac.

Broken Sea Glass needed more dabbing than the other Funky Fingers seashore glitter. I did one-ish coats of the glitter and added topcoat to smooth over the larger hexes. It looked really good on the grey, less good on the red violet. It seems either that shade needs longer to dry than the grey or something with that pigment doesn't get along with the clear base of the glitter, as I ended up dragging color onto the white glitter, making it look pink and sometimes streaky. I guess it's not a horrible effect, just not what I was going for.

I saved my two favorite Essies for the last pairing. Blossom Dandy and Garden Variety are both blue greens, with Blossom Dandy being a pastel shade and Garden Variety a saturated one. I used two coats of each, though again like with the previous pair, one would have been enough if I'd been a tad more attentive to loading my brush.


I topped these two teal beauties with Broken Sea Glass. It looked good over both colors, though the light blue glitters got lost on the lighter Blossom Dandy.

My notes don't say why I decided to do this next look; I'd guess I just didn't want to put away the glitter just yet. I laid down Picked Perfect on my index and middle fingers and Garden Variety on ring and pinky, then topped with Scattered Sea Shells. Yep, that works for me.

In another diversion, I saw the Essie 2015 Bridal colors waiting deeper in my swatching queue and plucked one of them out to do a quick comparison. Here's Perennial Chic from this Spring collection on the left and Brides to Be from Bridal on the right.

When I was selecting photos for this post, I realized that I'd already included these two polishes in my spring creme comparisons post along with two other similar shades and thought about skipping this comparison, but in the other post these two weren't right next to each other so why not share the side by side since it was already done. Left to right below: Perennial Chic, Brides to Be, Perennial Chic, Brides to Be (two coats of each). Perennial Chic is more orange-toned and opaque than Brides to Be. If I had to give up one of these, Perennial Chic would go, but I can see folks with different skintones choosing to destash Brides to Be instead.

I can appreciate how this collection hangs together: all cremes and the colors coordinate nicely with each other. If I'd had more time, I would have tried some nail art with them in addition to the glitter. Maybe I'll find some time to experiment with them in the weeks to come, but probably I'll get distracted by something even newer. We shall see.


Thank you for reading and commenting! I greatly appreciate knowing I'm not just talking to myself here. :)