Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter NOTD

Leading up to this holiday and still today, my nails have been adorned with symbols of the season thanks to Incoco Nail Polish Appliques in Hop to It, which has bunnies and chicks in pink, blue, lime, and yellow on a white background. I think this is one of last year's designs; I'm pretty sure I bought it last year, anyway.

I wasn't near my lighbox when I put these on, so I've got natural light shots of them. As usual with Incoco strips, I had no trouble applying them. I like that this design is subtly cute; I felt like these nails were appropriate for everything I had to do this past week even though I am a grown up and bunny faces and baby chickens are not the most adult motifs.

As of today, the sixth day I had these on, I only had a little tipwear, which barely showed thanks to the light background of the strips. (I also had a great need of hand lotion at the time I took this photo.)

I hope those of you celebrating today had a happy and blessed Easter!


  1. They seem to wear well, and they are quite ute :)
    Happy Easter dear Karen!

  2. Oh my these are just so cute! Love it :-D

  3. ahhh those are so adorable! :)

  4. Adorable! When I first seen these, I thought it was stamping!

  5. I'd wear these. They are so cute. I think that once you get over a certain milestone birthday you don't care any more and wear what you like. That is what I do anyway. I wore bunny butts and Easter eggs on my nails and loved them!


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