Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barielle Bling It On Glitter Collection

Press sample provided for review

Barielle has launched two glitter collections this month. I was fortunate to receive one of them to review, the Bling It On collection. This five-piece group has glitter toppers as well as some glitters in bases that build to opaque and can be worn on their own. Left to right: Sea Urchin, Golden Halo, Amethyst, Angel Dust, Shooting Star. (Yes, the Amethyst bottle is turned around the wrong way. I would have held this post until I could do a reshoot, but frustratingly, this is the reshoot--the first time I snapped the bottles, I had a different color out of skew. Guess a perfect bottle shot is not meant to be for me and this group, but at least this time, my oops is centered.)

Golden Halo has a gold metallic shimmer base with mixed sizes of pink metallic hex glitter.

Golden Halo can be worn layered or alone. I put a base of Barielle Edgy, a very deep plum creme, on my index finger and topped it with one coat of Golden Halo, then did three coats of Golden Halo on its own on my remaining digits.

Golden Halo is reminiscent of Gilded Rose from the Maybelline Brocades collection and Golden Ticket from Cinapro Nail Sugar, but the Barielle is less chunky to the eye and lays flatter on the nail due to having its mix skewed more toward the shimmery base than those other two. I didn't use topcoat for my swatch, even.

Angel Dust has a mix of transluscent iridescent glitter, from tiny microglitter to medium hexes, in a sheer pink base.

Angel Dust seemed like it might work well with Golden Halo, so I used the look above as a starting point for my first experiment with Angel Dust. I cleaned off my index finger and put a fresh coat of Edgy on, topping with one coat of Angel Dust. On the other nails, I added a funky French tip of Edgy on the Golden Halo, then topped with Angel Dust. I quite liked how this combination turned out. Angel Dust self levels well enough that I didn't feel a need to use topcoat for this swatch.

I also tried Angel Dust on its own over Barielle Dinner at 8, a red creme. I used only one coat of Angel Dust, so you can see it has a good glitter payoff (no fishing needed, either).

Since I'd put Angel Dust over Golden Holo, I figured I'd try the reverse as well, and brushed on a chunky gradient of Golden Holo at my tips.

If you like the Monet topper that came out with the Zoya Awaken collection, you'll like Angel Dust. It's the same concept but the Barielle has a more complex glitter mix.

Shooting Star has a blue/purple duochrome and white shimmer base with a mix of blue metallic hex glitters.

To bring out the duochrome, I put Edgy to work as a base again, this time on all but my index finger. I topped Edgy with one coat of Shooting Star and did three coats of Shooting Star on my index finger, topping all my digits with clear topcoat.

Shooting Star is similar to Cinapro Sweet Tooth; the blue/purple shift in the Barielle seems to be stronger than I saw in the Cinapro, maybe because the glitter is less dense.

Amethyst is the least complicated glitter one in this collection; it's got one size of light purple metallic hexes in a clear base.

I put one coat of Amethyst plus clear topcoat on the Shooting Star mani above. I know it looks like these hexes aren't flat, but they are; it's just reflective curling.

I also tried Amethyst over Barielle Magna Cum Laude Turquoise, adding Shooting Star as well to an accent nail before adding clear topcoat.

I saved my favorite for last. Sea Urchin has gold, green, and turquoise metallic glitter in a blue green shimmer base.

Sea Urchin looked like another "layered or alone" one, so I put Head of the Class Green on my index finger and left the others bare, adding one coat of Sea Urchin over the green and three coats on the bare nails plus funky French tips in the green for all digits (the tips got a bit thick because I wanted to make sure to cover the glitter; if I were doing this for a full mani, I'd have fixed that). Head of the Class Green was such a good match for the base color of Sea Urchin that it was hard to tell the difference between the layered nail and the others; the sparser shimmer and glitter on the layered nail wasn't evident at first glance.

To see the effect of different base colors on Sea Urchin, I grabbed Magna Cum Laude Turquoise, Head of the Class Green, and Irish Eyes. I did some freehand diagonal blocking with the cremes on my index, then used each as a base, starting with the turquoise on my middle finger. One coat of Sea Urchin plus topcoat went on the plain bases. The differences were subtle; I was most surprised how Sea Urchin masked the dark warm green of Irish Eyes. This is one of those swatches I'd like to wear as a full mani one day.

These polishes are available on the Barielle website individually ($8 a bottle) or as a set ($25 for all five). The other new glitter collection from Barielle is Glitter Mania.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Love the way you show these off, that little french mani flair is a fab idea!

  2. The last one is my favourite as well, closely followed by Angel Dust :)

  3. They are beautiful, but Amethyst is too big for my liking...

  4. Amethyst isn't my thing, but I looove Golden Halo and Angel Dust! I really like how Shooting Star is a duochrome as well :)

  5. Nice glitter nail polish! I also like the last one :D :D

  6. I like all of them except Amethyst.

  7. *twitches* Why do you have to make me want more glitters? lol

  8. I love the experiments you did with these babies!

  9. Really liking the french tips too!


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