Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent NOTD: Moving Toward Squoval

Shortly before I took off my Easter week manicure, I jammed my right middle finger into something, I don't even remember what since unfortunately I am not as careful with my hands as I should be an routinely bang them into stuff distractedly while reaching for light switches and railings and such. Anyway, that particular incident broke the tip off that nail, making it noticeably shorter and necessitating me taking length off the other to blend it in. The way that tip broke off made it pretty much square, so instead of resorting to my usual oval/round shape, I went with something closer to squoval, going from this:

To this:

Not quite squoval (the tips are still a bit rounded) but definitely nowhere near as oval/round as I'm used to. I rather liked the change; it felt like something fresh for spring (never mind that the day after I did this—while still in Idaho, where Mr. K and I were over Easter—we awoke to several inches of snow with more coming down).

I followed the bunny strips with Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink Pong (which I've worn before, so had half a box left), but after a few days got bored with palette cleansing and added accents with Butter London Tart with a Heart and Essie Flowerista. Still quiet but with some interesting bits to look at during meetings at work.

I'm going to keep experimenting with getting closer to squovals, even though my nails seem to want to be more rounded. They'll grow back, after all, so whatever I do, it's not permanent. Do you change up your nail shape or always stick with one that works for you?


  1. I like the dots and the glitter :-)

  2. i like the bunny nails. either way, i still love the shape of your nails.

  3. Hi dear Kare, the mani I prefer is the first. The new shape in really nice!

  4. I pretty much stopped photographing my thumbs because the - especially during winter _ are prone to break their corners, so they are squoval, I try to keep the others square, but prefer them with slight rounded corners...

  5. Ha, I thought I was the only idiot breaking nails when reaching for stuff; I mean, really, a light switch..still my "best" moment". :)
    I quite like your new shape, similar to mine, and am keeping 'em like that for that exact reason, lol, easier to maintain when one breaks.

  6. I tend to stick to squovalish just because it seems easier to get all of my nails the same shape. I used to try and do them rounded, but my ring and pinkie fingers just would-NOT-do it for some reason. lol

  7. I'm sorry you had the nail-incident, but I like the new shape (even if it's not permanent...are you sure?).
    I usually like my nails squoval, but once I tried (after breaking a corner) a more rounded shape. No way!! I just hated them.
    This is quite odd, as in my 20s (ahem 20yrs ago) I used to wear "almond shaped" nails, and that was the popular shape. Square nails fashion came later here in Italy.


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