Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Funky Fingers Mysterious Possibly Peter Pan Collection

In my display post last week, I shared the three newest Funky Fingers polishes to show up at my Five Below: Wishes, Off to Neverland, and Fantasy Land.

As I mentioned, these had no signage with them, so I don't know what they're called (they aren't on the Five Below website, either, not that that would help necessarily, since the You're the One That I Want collection is on there as the "neon glitter collection"). Seeing the names, my mind leapt immediately to Disney, specifically to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Wishes is the name of the fireworks show at that park; on our last trip to Florida, Mr. Karen and I watched that show from Fantasyland, which is the part of the park that has the Peter Pan attraction in which you fly off to Neverland.

Off to Neverland is a turquoise shimmer.

I used three coats of Off to Neverland for my swatch. In some photos, there's a hint of visible nail line; in real life, that wasn't noticeable. This has a nice glow to it and brushstrokes weren't an issue as I'd feared they might be based on looking at it in the bottle (I am always suspicious of non-flecked shimmers).

Fantasy Land has two sizes of pinkish red (reddish pink?) metallic glitter in a clear base.

Turquoise would not be my first choice of a base color for Fantasy Land, but this collection doesn't have a lot of options, so I put two coats of Fantasy Land on Off to Neverland. I didn't add topcoat; you can see that the glitter lays very flat.

Wishes is my favorite of the three, because a) purple and b) glitter. This has a mix of lilac and blue violet glitter in various sizes in a purple jelly base.

I did three coats of Wishes plus topcoat (this was bumpier on its own than Fantasy Land). I probably could have done two coats, but seeing the purple and glitter build up was too much fun to stop at two.

You know that I delight in layering, so I had to do a bit more experimenting before I finished up with these for the day. On my index finger, I did two coats of Wishes topped with two of Fantasy Land. My middle and ring fingers started with three coats of Off to Neverland and then got one coat of Wishes. I further topped my middle with two coats of Fantasy Land. My pinky has a black creme base plus one single coat of Off to Neverland.

I was quite happy with how many pleasing combinations I could make with this small collection. Even though it's quite early, I'm thinking Wishes might find a spot in my Top 20 for 2015.


  1. Pink glitter on turquioise blue looks very cute!

  2. Wishes is really beautiful, and it looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Hi dear Karen! The final blue manicure is the one I prefer! =)

  4. I loved Wishes too!! Do you know where can I buy Finger Paints? I'm flying to Miami in a few weeks and there is no Five below where I go
    Thenks!! :)

  5. Off To Neverland is GORGEOUS!! O_O

  6. They all look really pretty :-D


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