Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beautifully Disney Mini Polish Sets Times Three

I read a couple months ago about the Beautifully Disney makeup line being discontinued (Doctor Disney has one report), which made me sad, as I'd only seen it in person once and was looking forward to being able to fondle the polishes and buy more when Mr. Karen and I make our next trip to one of the parks later this year. Thanks to the internet and my friend Trish, I have added to my collection in between my last Disney visit and now, but there's no substitute for seeing things up close, holding the bottles this way and that and considering which colors need to come home with me. I understand one of the reasons for the line going away is people thought it was too expensive, but so are a lot of other things at Disney; I don't see why they had to pick on my nail polish.

At any rate, hearing about the demise of the line inspired me to pull out some of the mini polish sets I'd bought but never used.

Pop of Minnie has three bright cremes and a black and white glitter topper.

The bottles have fat bows on the top of the caps, a la the bow Minnie wears.

These four-color sets seem made for Skittles. Pop of Minnie shades below, top to bottom: Dots or Nothing (black and white glitter in clear), Mod Mouse (acid yellow creme), Orange You Cute (orange creme), and Poptimistic (pink creme). All are three coats and the glitter also has clear topcoat added.

Of course I tried Dots or Nothing on the cremes, too, doing two coats plus topcoat. The white glitters get ever so slightly lost on Mod Mouse, as it's the lightest of the cremes, but the contrast is good with the other two bases.

Curiouser and Curiouser has Alice in Wonderland inspired colors.

These caps have a bread and butterfly and three talking flowers on their tops.

(left to right below) Who Are You is a yellow green flecked shimmer. Non Sensical is also a flecked shimmer; this is pink with a soft orange shift at some angles. Tis Brillig was a surprise; I though it was another shimmer but this French vanilla shade has a very fine grained texture to it, too. This Way That Way is a beautiful light blue creme. These were all two coats, except for Non Sensical, where I used three (my notes do not say if I needed three or if I just got distracted by the pretty).

The Tangled Web collection showcased some of the Disney villians.

The caps have skulls on various symbols: a flower (for Mother Gothel), a paw print (Cruella de Vil), flames (Maleficent), and a crown (Evil Queen).

(top to bottom below) Forever Young is a slightly tarnished gold shimmer that dries matte (go Disney, yet another finish). Drive You Wild is a metallic silver shimmer that comes close to chrome finish territory. Party Crasher is a deep plum matte shimmer. Velvet Evil is a roayl glue with scattered silver microglitter. All of there were two coats, with Drive You Wild and Party Crasher very nearly one-coaters.

I thought Velvet Evil could benefit from topcoat, so I went ahead and shined up all four shades. Velvet Evil did look better, and Party Crasher took nicely to being glossy as well.

There's a lot to like in these sets. My favorites are Mod Mouse, Tis Brillig, This Way That Way, and Party Crasher. Sparkly Ever After has an overview of all the Beautifully Disney collections; I used that to figure out which ones I needed to go look for on ebay—fortunately, there are reasonable ebay sellers offering nail polish sets in the same range as they were priced at originally (I imagine the Disney outlets were awash in these after they were pulled from the regular locations), up to $11.95 for single full size bottles and up to $24.95 for mini sets. I'll try and get my most recent purchases up in a future post.


  1. Aww, they are cute, and I actually like most of the polishes, especially the shimmers!

  2. Nice polishes and what a funny Minnie topper!

  3. Hi dear Karen! The set I prefer is the first one! Oh these caps are so various :-)

  4. What nice collections. They are all so cute :-)

  5. Oh man those are amazing!! And, yeah, everything Disney is expensive. Why must the polish always be the victim? *pouts*

  6. These are lovely! I love the caps on the bottles too, very cute :)


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