Friday, May 15, 2015

Revlon Sahara Escape Meeets Quo Art Scene

It always makes me happy when I look in my swatching boxes and see collections waiting that just seem to want to be together. Thus it was with Revlon Sahara Escape and Quo Art Scene. They each contain four polishes, the colors of which coordinate between the brands so well it was like they'd planned it.

Starting at the left of the photo above, I paired Revlon Wild Flower, a limited edition medium pink creme, with Quo Abstract. Abstract has a mix of white, pink, light orange, lilac, and perwinkle glitter that includes bars, squares, and very small dots in a clear base.

I did one thick coat of Wild Flower and topped it on three fingers with one coat of Abstract, adding clear topcoat even though the glitter wasn't especially bumpy. I did have to do a bit of fishing to convince the square glitters to leave the bottle.

Revlon Serene, a light brown creme new to the core lineup, got matched with Quo Contemporary, which has tiny white dots, small black hexes, black bars, and medium sized light orange hexes in a clear base.

Serene took two coats, then I put one thick coat of Contemporary on three nails followed by clear topcoat. The bar glitter in Contemporary is sparse enough that it could easily be avoided if you're not into that.

The next duo is Revlon Sizzling Coral, a limited edition light reddish orange creme, and Quo Graffiti. This glitter topper has black bars, small red and black hexes, and medium light orange and blue hexes.

I did three coats of Sizzling Coral and one plus a few dabs of Graffiti on all but the accent nail before adding clear topcoat. I should have forgone the extra dabs, as they made the glitter layer too thick for my taste. Next time I do two thin coats of Graffiti.

The last pair consists of Revlon Ethereal, a white creme new to the core line, and Quo Pop, which has small hexes in black, red, and pale wheaten yellow along with medium sky blue hexes and black bars.

Ethereal is a soft white rather than a stark one, more of a crelly than a creme. I used thee coats of it, bumped my middle nail and thought I'd repaired the smudge well enough that the glitter would cover it for photos (wrong), and added 1 thick coat of Pop plus clear topcoat.

Once I knew Ethereal was on the sheer side, I had to try making some glitter sandwiches with it. I laid down two coats of Ethereal, then added one Quo glitter to each finger, finishing with one more coat of Ethereal.

I'm glad I had the Quo glitters to match up with the Revlon, as taken on its own, that quartet is too plain for my taste. I do like Ethereal, as it's well behaved for a white crelly, and can be worn on its own or layered so I'll get more use out of it than the other three which are just plain cremes. I get wanting to add a neutral like Serene to the core line, but why make the two limited edition colors here basic shades? Surely a shot of golden shimmer in Sizzling Coral would have fit with the Sahara Escape theme and made the look much more interesting. Then I'd ditch the pink entirely and do a juicy blood orange glass flecked shimmer instead. And then probably the collection would sell even less well than it has (I saw a full display when I was out at lunch today despite this being a spring collection) because the masses want pink.

A blood orange shimmer wouldn't have made a great base for Quo Abstract so maybe it's just as well Revlon went for pink, at least for the purposes of this post of mine. Of course I have tweaks I'd like to make to the Quo quartet as well. It surprised me that my favorite was Abstract, which has the most bar glitter, which I'm still not a huge fan of. I think there's just so much of it that it blends together, and the way the squares have the same strong angles probably helps, too. Contemporary has a slight Halloween vibe to it with the orange and black, but I don't know what other color I'd put in place of the light orange. I like the color mixes in Graffiti and Pop but do not care for the bar glitter in them. It's so long that it's verging on being string glitter, my least favorite kind of glitter. If the bars were shorter, I'd like them better.


  1. I agree - they really are a super good match!!!

  2. Wow, looks like they were made to go together! Love how Contemporary looks over Serene

  3. Oh my goodness. I love every one of those glitters!!

  4. Great matches and I like those toppers :-)

  5. These do look like they were custom made for each other.


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