Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue NOTD and Happy Memories

Includes a sample previously reviewed

Today I'm skipping past my posting queue to share what's on my nails as I type, and what's on my nails is there because I put it on to match the blue (for the Great Lakes) theme of the 2nd Michigan Nail Girls meetup, which was this past Saturday. It more than doubled in size from the one last December. Just look at this mani photo, and this doesn't even have the early leavers or late arrivers in it:

My hand is there in the bottom middle, with the less than elegant hand pose (gotta work on that for next time); going around from there clockwise, (linked to their Instagram names if I know them): jennahleenaildesign, nailsbyerock, jessface90x, nativewarpaints, fashionfooting, Ariel, MyNailPolishIsPoppinLeah, nailsbymercedes, traceyloveslacquer, paintmewithpolish, mini-paintmewithpolish, blairmio43, liquid_afterglow_lacquer, er_in_m, honeybee_nails, and back to me, thekarend.

Here's a sun shot some of us were in earlier, just before pawsandpolish had to leave; that's her in the lower left. (Photo taken my mr. pawsanpolish.)

My original plan for the blue/Great Lakes theme was to do some water marbling. I didn't get started on that early enough in the day, but I tried anyway and proved to myself that I am nowhere near good enough at marbling to do it in a hurry. Thus I turned to my faithful friend glitter, choosing a couple supporting actors as well. Left to right: Bonita Salon Made to Envy, Wet Paint Nails Waterfalling for You, Formula X Crash, Pop-arazzi Perfectly Peacock, China Glaze Can You Sea Me.

My base was Duri Rejuvacote followed by Salon Sciences Instant Artificials. Then all nails got two coats of Bonita Made to Envy. All but my accent nails were then topped with one coat of Wet Paint Nails Waterfalling for You and given a gradient of Formula X Crash. The accent nails got no jelly, just allover glitter in the form of one coat of Pop-arazzi Perfectly Peacock plus one to two of China Glaze Can You Sea Me (depending on how many of the bigger holo hexes I got out on coat one). Two coats of Diamond Dry topcoat completed the look. (It was going to be one layer of topcoat but after that dried I decided it wasn't glassy smooth enough for a nail meetup.)

I shared a ride to the meet with paintmewithpolish and her family so got to extend the fun before and after. During, there was much chatting and laughing and eating and swapping and selling and gifting and just general merriment. Unlike last time, I came home with a bit more polish than I brought (should have left my wallet at home, perhaps) but it's all good stuff, including my first Parrot Polish and Rainbow Honey, a couple things from my wish list, and a whole lotta glitter.

Maybe I should make it a goal to swatch all of these before the next meeetup. On second thought, nope, since I hope we have a meetup long before I'm able to get through these given my normal levels of distractability. If you're a nail polish enthusiast in Michigan (or close enough that you'd be interested in coming to future meetups), request to join our Facebook group, Michigan Nail Girls and Guys, so you can be part of the fun next time!


Note on my Blogiversary Giveaway: Entries are now closed and in the next week or so I will be validating and tabulating and picking and emailing winners.


  1. How cool!! Love your mani and omg so many pretties!! ^_^

  2. Yay!! Such fun times and I did not take one single picture because I fail at life, lol. I can't wait for the next meetup!!

  3. Your mani looks really lovely :-D

  4. Karen, it's pawsandpolish and I'm checking out your blog for the first time since I just found out that you have one! I'm so glad you caught me before I had to leave early and got pictures, including the mani shot (taken by Mr. Pawsandpolish,lol!)! I can't wait for the next one!

  5. Blue is my favourite color :). Love your manicure!

  6. it's so cool to see all those blue manicures, you've must had a great time :D


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