Monday, May 4, 2015

Sally Girl Circus Spectacular Collection

I scooped up all four colors from the Sally Girl Circus Spectacular display that showed up at my Sally Beauty last month. left to right: Circus Clown (warm pink), Fire Breather (magenta), Trapeze Artist (purple), Human Pretzel (turquoise).

I did Skittles swatches of these shimmers with scattered glitter. From top to bottom, it's Circus Clown, Fire Breather, Trapeze Artist, and Human Pretzel. Human Pretzel was the odd polish out; it had a similar shimmer plus glitter finish but was a lot more sheer. I used four coats of it to three for all the others, and it was still showing obvious nail line.

I also tried them over a black creme base, adding one coat of the Sally Girl colors plus topcoat and getting effects that reminded me of a night sky (might also be a good base for galaxy nails). These are in the same order as above. I was somewhat surprised that the pink and turquoise looked so similar over black; seemed likt the only difference was the density of the shimmer.

My experiments continued with gradients. Top to bottom: Clown plus Fire plus Trapeze, Fire plus Trapeze plus Pretzel, Trapeze plus Pretzel plus Clown, Pretzel Plus Clown plus Fire. You may notice some very slight bumpiness here because I didn't stop to add topcoat before admiring these.

I did eventually tear myself away long enough to add matte topcoat before putting my hand back into the lightbox.

There's a lot of fun packed into this small collection of small bottles. They can be worn on their own (well, maybe not Human Pretzel), layered with each other, and layered over various base colors. These are similar to the Funky Fingers You're the One That I want collection, but I like these better since the formula is thinner and a touch easier to work with and the mix of shimmer and glitter gives more to look at than the consistent microglitter of the Funky Fingers. Thank goodness I can keep both collections, though.

There's enough variation in what individual Sally Beauty stores carry that I'm sure some still have these polishes in stock; I know for sure that they're on the Sally Beauty website as of the time I am typing this. At 94 cents each with their club card, they're an affordable indulgence.


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  1. I really love the gradients! my favorite is clown + fire + trapeze :)

  2. Pleasant ones, Pretzel is too sheer for me but it looks OK layered :)

  3. They are really pretty, I like them!

  4. They look really pretty :-)

  5. I absolutely love the matte-ed gradients!! @_@ So cool

  6. They are so pretty, especially when used for gradients (I love the matte version). I like a lot also the tiny bottles (and the affordable price)!


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