Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Julie G Candy Shoppe Colors

Contains one press sample previously reviewed

Today I have quick Skittles swatches of the latest collection from Julie G, the Candy Shoppe Colors with a "Jelly Bean Finish". Since I lined them up neatly for a group shot when they had their display post debut, I let them get creative for their pre-swatching pose.

I started with the warm colors, first, doing Skittles with Lemon Drop (yellow), Candy Shop (orange), Wild Cherry (red), and Pixi Stick (pink). I used three coats of each, which still left me with a hint of nail line showing; I wasn't crazy about how that looked with these shades.

The "jelly bean finish" as printed on the bottles turned out to be quite right; these colors do look like jelly beans when dry. There's a very slight texture to them but the overall feel is smooth and a touch waxy, just like a real jelly bean.

The cool colors came next; I did three coats of these as well, and they mostly were more opaque than the warm colors. Top to bottom: Sour Apple (green), Sweet Tooth (turquoise), Sour Grape (purple), Lollipop (red violet). Much as I love purple, I wish they'd swapped one of these out to get even more variety in the collection—adding a white, maybe, or a pastel pink, or even just making one of the purples lighter.

Given that these were somewhat sheer, I tried some layering combinations next, along with a straight swatch of the last color, the black. Top to bottom: Lemon Drop and Sour Apple, Sweet Tooth and Sour Grape, Pixi Stick and Lollipop, Licorice Twist. I loved how well these layered to make new colors; just imagine if there were a white, too, and I could make pastels. Maybe I should try it with that Revlon Ethereal from the other day.

If I'd gotten this post up closer to when I did the original swatches, it would end here, but the photos sat waiting for me to get to them long enough that I did one more experiment days later, namely seeing how one of these Candy Shoppe colors would do in a jelly sandwich as compared to true jellies. Left to right below: L'Oreal Jolly Lolly, Julie G Wild Cherry, Wet Paint Jelly Rancher Red, Julie G Wild Cherry; all have Maybelline Gilded in Gold in between.

Below I've used Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine matte topcoat on the two shiny jellies and left the Julie G being jelly bean-y.

And here's everybody all shined up with Beauty Secrets topcoat:

This is a fun collection that feels like summer. My favorite part is the way the colors can be layered to make new ones. These are $3.99 each at Rite Aid when bought singly; the display says "buy 2, get 1 free" and they did ring up that way when I bought them, so might as well three. Seems with Lemon Drop, Wild Cherry, and Sweet Tooth you could make a lot of other colors via layering.

The Wet Paint polish in this entry was provided free for review purposes.


  1. Nice colours and I like the finish :-)

  2. How many pretty colours!!! *__*
    Good night my dear,

  3. The colors are nice - but for my liking they are too sheer...

  4. I was hoping these were more textures.... cute polishes, though.


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