Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Liquid Afterglow Lacquer Sampler

Today I have swatches of polishes from the Michigan-based indie brand Liquid Afterglow Lacquer. Most of her polishes feature glitter, so of course I had to get some to try.

Let's start with Cloud 9, which has a light blue milky base with glitters mostly in cool colors of purple, blue, and green but with some accents of pinks and white. There is also a hint of shimmer in the base. I swatched it at three coats plus topcoat. (Unfortunately the topcoat felt like shrinking, especially at my tips; at least I wasn't doing a full mani with it.)

Because more glitter is pretty much always better, I added two coats of a topper called Starburst to Cloud 9, then slicked on clear topcoat. Starburst has purple, pink, green, turquoise, and other glitters, including a few stars, though I didn't manage to coax any of those onto my nails this time.

Bunny Dreams is another milky base glitter mix. The base looks white-ish in the bottle but definitely pulls pale pink on my nails. The glitters are mostly pastels in pink, yellow, and blue. Like Cloud 9, I did three coats of this plus topcoat for my swatch. Unlike Starburst, I did get some stars to come out of the bottle and onto my nails.

Bunny Dreams also got the Starburst treatment, but only one coat this time (no clear topcoat).

I Skittled four milky glitters with white to lilac bases and mostly cool-toned glitters; top to bottom: Aurora, When Worlds Collide #1, Star Dust, Shattered Star. These are all three coats plus clear topcoat.

Of course I had to try Starburst over this quartet:

Cloud 9 and Bunny Dreams are still available from the Liquid Afterglow Lacquer website; the others are sold out but there are many new pretties available. Which I should not have looked at because now I want more. Must resist, at least until I work through more of my backlog.


  1. These are really pretty polishes :-D

  2. Cloud 9 is so cute - but I like all of them!

  3. I love Cloud Nine the most! Starburst looks amazing as well, a very cute glitter topper!

  4. "Because more glitter is pretty much always better" So. Very. True.

  5. I like the version with more glitters :D

  6. cute pack, so appropriate for this time of year :D


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