Thursday, May 28, 2015

CinaPro Nail Sugar, Take Two

Last summer, I swatched eight glitters from the CinaPro Nail Sugar line, which had appeared at various Sally Beauty stores I frequent. At the end of that post, I remarked that per a press release I'd found online there were two more colors in the collection. At that time, I had no idea where to find them. A little while back, I was browsing the Loxa Beauty website for Morgan Taylor colors since I've yet to find them in any stores around me (they're probably in one of the pro stores; I never was tempted to get a fake ID to drink when I was teenager, but I do admit to idle thoughts about getting a fake cosmetology license). Of course I looked at what other polish they had, and there were the elusive CinaPro Nail Sugars. They were expensive, $13.98 a bottle (compared to under $10 for the ones at Sally), but I really wanted to complete my set so I ordered them along with the Morgan Taylor colors I wanted. The two shades I was missing were Creamcicle (I'm guessing they can't spell it Creamsicle due to trademark issues) and Salt Water Taffy.

The bottles above have a bit more of a story behind them than I'd planned for; when I opened the shipping box when they arrived, I smelled polish; one of the Morgan Taylor bottles in my order had broken and gotten purple shimmer all over. I was able to clean up the intact Morgan Taylor bottles pretty well, but the handles of the CinaPro colors did not take kindly to acetone and deformed and got sticky and basically glued themselves to the glass. The good news is that I emailed Loxa Beauty explaining what happened, and customer service sent out replacements for the broken bottle as well as the two CinaPros right away. I was very impressed by their quick response; in just a few days I had my new bottles safe and sound.

Creamcicle was described in the press release that alerted me to its existence as an "orange jelly base with fine particles of orange and gold". Hmm, not quite, unless they were using "fine" to mean "attractive" rather than "small in size". This has medium gold metallic hexes, small copper metallic hexes, and small soft orange and vanilla matte bars in an not especially orange jelly base.

I swatched Creamcicle on its own and over three different base colors. Top to bottom: 2 coats of Creamcicle alone, Morgan Taylor My Carriage Awaits plus 1 coat Creamcicle, Morgan Taylor Watch Your Step Sister plus 1 coat Creamcicle, Bonita Prima Donna plus 1 coat Creamcicle. I did one coat of clear topcoat on all nails; two would have been better to really smooth things out. Due to the way the light is hitting the metallic glitter, some of them look dark, but they are not; they're all gold or copper.

The second CinaPro, Salt Water Taffy, was described in the press release as "a clear jelly base with fine silver glitters". It has a clear base, yes, but there is no silver to be seen, just white and blue matte glitter. The white is in the form of hexes from very tiny to rather large, while the blue is all small bars. I took the same approach to swatching this as with Creamcicle: on its own and over three bases. Top to bottom: 2 coats of Salt Water Taffy alone, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Highway to Heaven plus 1 coat of Salt Water Taffy, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Teesta Turquoise plus 1 coat of Salt Water Taffy, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dark Denim plus 1 coat of Salt Water Taffy. All have one lyaer of clear topcoat and as with Creamcicle, two would have been better.

The glitter payoff for both of these is excellent, though I wouldn't wear either of them alone (I like to layer anyway). Getting the largest white hexes out of Salt Water Taffy was a bit of an exercise, but that's to be expected with that scale of glitter. I'm happy to have completed my Nail Sugar set with these two. It's fun to have a more obscure set like these (Googling "cinapro nail sugar"—with the quotes—gets me well under a thousand results, compared to over two thousand for "sally hansen luxe lace").


  1. I really like the first glitter over the orange.

  2. Hi dear Karen! The combinations I prefer most are the first glittery topcoat on fuchsia and on dark violet :-)

  3. It's great when customer service works like that :)

  4. Sal Water Taffy <3 Instant love! Don't like the other one as much ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

  5. Hahaha, the start of this post made me laugh - and wow, a great story!

  6. I love Salt Water Taffy!! The "fine" and "attractive" bit made me laugh so hard! :D

  7. These are nice toppers - I like such ones :-D

    Good CS is always a plus, isn't it :-D I've only ever had Color Clubs break in transit. And a few China Glaze leaks.

  8. Those are both so pretty! Very satisfying being able to complete a collection. ^_^


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