Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Displays from a Few Summer Days in Canada

Today I'm finally wrapping up with the displays I saw on my early summer travels; these are the ones from Canada that I saw when I was there for IEC (and later for lunch and shopping in Windsor, which the border agent I encountered crossing back into the US seemed to find suspicious—travel to Canada twice in less than a week? what kind of American was I? Sigh.)

The first store I stopped at when I crossed the border was Rexall. There I saw a display for Cutex, specifically New Cutex Expert Care Manicure Solutions. Because I am old, I remember Cutex from back in the day, when it was a cheap drugstore brand that I bought with babysitting money. These new polishes are not cheap: 9.99 Canadian. The display I saw had slots for nine colors, eight of which were occupied when I got there. Front row: Walking on a Clound, Two Dozen Roses, Flower Pout, Pop the Prosecco. Back row: Lipstick Jungle, Passion Ignites, Fiery Temper. Much as I like to collect new brands and bottles, I skipped all of these on account of boringness. I have seen pictures of more interesting shades in this line, but I did not run across them on my trip. The rest of the display was filled with nail treatments, top coat, lotion, and remover.

I'm always happy to see an Essence display, even if all the polish is core shades, like in this Next Stop Summer shelf top I spotted at the Shoppers Drug Mart next door to the Rexall. Polish colors here: Sweet As Candy, Play With My Mint, Jeans On, #Lucky.

The GOSH display at Shoppers made me sad; three whole sections of makeup with one tiny tiny section for nail stuff, and not even any fun colors.

I haven't seen any new polish from L'Oreal in the US since last summer, so was extra happy to see the Le Vernis à L'Huile, which is oil polish (similar to the Sally Hansen Color Therapy, I'm thinking) in bottles that have a sort of quilted/segmented design, which is very attractive to my eyes. Wish we had these in the States, for sure. I first saw them in a shelf top display at a Shoppers. Shades here: L'Or, Café de Nuit, Moka Chic, Greige Amoureux, Gris Décadent, Vert Absynthe, Cobalt Indécent, Bleu Royal, Violet De Nuit. There were also Colour Riche Press-On Nails in the Moon About You design here; I thought at first they'd been just set there randomly, but there were slots in the display for those boxes, so apparently they belonged.

I'd mentioned seeing these to mrsrexy when we met up at IEC and she said there were more colors; sure enough when we popped into a Shoppers near the IEC venue, there they were in the nail polish aisle, tucked in among all the other brands. Top row: Crystal, Blanc de Lune, Nude Demoiselle, Dimanche Après-Midi, Jardin de Roses, Rose Ballet, Nymphea, Fuchsia Palace, Violet Vendôme. Second row: Coral Trianon, Chérie Macaron, Orange Triomphe, Rouge Sauvage, Carmin Parisien, Rubis Folies, Violet de Nuit, Grenat Irréverent, Noir Noir. Bottom row: Vert Epoque, Cobalt Indécent, Bleu Royal, Vert Absinthe, Gris Décadent, Greige Amoureux, Moka Chic, L'Or, Café de Nuit.

This Quo by Orly Color Amp'd display was mostly bare when I saw it, but I still thought it interesting to see the no-light gel was in this brand as well.

In the core aisle at Shoppers, I saw Quo by Orly Breathable polish, which seemed to be same shades we got in Orly Breathable in the States.

I was intrigued by the Revlon Spring Love by Maripier Morin display as it's been ages since I saw anything new from Revlon back home, but it turned out that these were not all new, and the ones I didn't recognize were not exciting. The caps did have pretty wraps on them, though. Colors here: Knockout, Valentine, Gray Suede, Urban, Eclectic.

I saw two Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure displays. First was for the Spring Collection 2017. Shades here: Stellar Style, Pink Pong (positions of these first two, World is My Oyster (marked new), What in Carnation, Dream Boat, Tropic Thunder. Display also had Dry and Go Drops.

The other was Beachside Bride, which had a different lineup than the ones in the States: Sweet Talker, Crush on Blue, Mauvin' on Up (marked new), Let's Snow, Gleam Supreme, Raisin the Bar. Also had Complete Care 7-in-1 treatment.

I've seen peel-off polish in the States before, and the Sensational brand, but not Sensational Peel Off polish, which again was a Shoppers find. Left to right: White Now, Wednesday We Wear Pink, The Okay Coral, Mermaid in the Shade, Lilac & Relax, Blue My Mind,

In a different Shoppers, I saw a different Sensationail Peel Off display; this one had more autumnal palette overall compared to the spring/summer look of the first one. Shades here: I Pink I'm in Love, Plum-p It Up, Winosaur (hah!), You Had Me at Merlot, Stop Metalling in My Business, Take Black the Night.

I was tempted by the Vitry Nail Repair Treatment at Rexall, as my nails too often look like the before photo, but I wasn't willing to part with $21 Canadian to take a chance that it would work better than all the other stuff I've tried.

I really I could make an effort to get up to Canada from Idaho; it's not that much farther than when I was in Michigan, but here there isn't a bustling place like Windsor on the other side, so pretty much I'd hit up the one Shoppers in town and be done with my nail polish hunting. Still, those L'Oreal L'Huile bottles are there, so maybe.


  1. OMG... Cutex?! I remember my mom had a bottle of orange (probably coral in hindsight) Cutex polish, with a thin tall white cap that I wasn't allowed to touch anymore after I "created art" with it ;) I wonder if she still has it...

  2. Chiming in late to say that I went up to Canada for a day trip years and years ago from Idaho, when we visited my aunt and uncle who live in Coeur d'Alene. I mostly remember a lot of trees and going across a ferry and having hamburgers in one decent-sized town - I think it was Nelson. The towns may be bigger than they were then but I bet it's still mostly trees!

    I had a vague idea they were resurrecting Cutex polish but this is the first I'd actually seen of it. They'll have to have some interesting colors to get me to buy them at $9.99 - although I suppose that's 9.99 Canadian, isn't it? Still, a lot more than what I remember them costing back in the day.


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