Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wheel S9: Silver Holos

It was sunny in my studio the last time I painted a nail wheel, so I went with holos, specifically silver ones. More photos this week because holos demand it. After I finished this, I realized it was missing one of my favorite silver holos, GOSH Holographic (which came before Holographic Hero); I'm guessing I put it in one of the "move with extra care" boxes, which aren't all unpacked yet. (Yes, it's been a very slow process getting my stash organized in its new home.)

This episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday is going up late because my awful internet at home has been more awful than usual. I love the scenery where I live but sure don't love the infrastructure.

Wheel in the lightbox:

In direct indoor light:

In sun coming through a window:

In sun coming through a window at a different angle:

1. Dance Legend T-1000 (2 coats)
2. Jessica Disco Diva (2)
3. Color Club Harp on It (2)
4. Nfu-Oh 661 (2)
5. Urban Outfitters Silver Holo (2)
6. FNUG Psychedelic (2)
7. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond (3)
8. Hits Hefesto (3)
9. Hits Artemis (3)
10. MI-NY Holographic Touch Silver (2)
11. Nabi Hologram Silver (2)
12. Nicole By OPI Imagine If (2) [this is really a holo microglitter, not a linear holo]
13. Golden Rose 107 (2)
14. Golden Rose 108 (2) [I guess either this one or #13 lost some color over the years?]
15. Nic's Sticks Silver-ella (2) [I was rather surprised this delivery system still worked]
16. Golden Rose Paris 102 (2)
17. Avon Cosmic Moonbeam (2)
18. Ellen Gold Holo Prata (2)
19. GOSH Holographic Hero (2)
20. Color Club Worth the Risque (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Detail photos in the lightbox:

A few detail photos in sunlight:


  1. Wow, you can REALLY see the difference between the holos on that wheel! Thanks for the comparison!

  2. Great post! There are so many cool silver holos out there :D

  3. I've been neglecting silver holos for so long because I thought they were all the same -more or less-. This perfectly shows they aren't and I need a few more! ;)

  4. There is nothing called too much holo ;) love the comparison. I can see the difference :)

  5. Have you seen the fresh paint holos at five below?

    1. jacblades, no, they were not at any of the Five Belows I stopped at last time I was back in Illinois. :(

    2. I felt they looked kind of dull (didn't buy or teat any), but I don't actually have any holos to compare. I think I remember reading fresh paint is made by color club though, so I'm curious to know how these compare to the color club ones.


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