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SinfulColors and Look Nail Color Summer Displays

This display post is even more overdue than usual, what with my last one being near the end of April and my having traveled not just across the country to Michigan and back but also to Canada so I've seen more than when I'm just at home. Rather than try to catch up all at once, I'm going to break it up into a few posts, starting today with all the new stuff I've seen from SinfulColors and Look Nail Polish in the last couple months (some as recently as the past few days). So many drugstore brands have stopped putting out new colors but Sinful keeps going, and Look feels fresh to me, I think since none of the stores I see them at have a core display for the polishes.

One of my Rite Aid stores went all in on Look, putting out four displays at the same time.

Tropical Sea had lots of colors in it: Lime, Heliotrope, Coral Cove, Tropical Sea, Aqua, Sunset Beach, Black, and Persimmon.

Make a Splash was more restrained, with only three shades plus topcoat: Turquoise, Pearl, Ocean Mist, and Gel-like Top Coat.

Summer Squeeze had citrus brights and white: Lime, Orange, Lemon, and Zest.

Hit the Road was graphic black and white with a pop of yellow: Hit the Road Jack, Hit the Pavement, Matte White, and Caution.

Then I went around the corner to the next aisle, and boom, a fifth Look display, Look Proud. This has Royal Blue, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Crimson, and White.

Fred Meyer had Look's Blooming Colors display. It was pretty much full when I came across it, but I'm not sure it had the right assortment of shades in it, as the text indicates all the colors needed to do the floral manicure on the model are in the display, and I see some colors on the nails that I didn't see in the bottles. At any rate, what there was: Periwinkle, Pink, Pistachio, Lilac, Periwinkle, Lilac, and a nail art kit with top coat, nail wheel, dotting tools, and brushes.

Or maybe those were the right colors. On my travels, I saw a smaller Blooming Colors display at a Rite Aid in Michigan; this had the same shades as the Fred Meyer display (Lilac, Pistachio, Pink, and Periwinkle). Maybe them looking darker is just due to how the colors translated when the display was printed (you'd still need basics like white and black to do the look shown, though).

I mentioned that I've not seen a core display for Look polishes, but I did spot some of their nail art tools in the regular nail care aisle at Rite Aid. There's the nail art kit (brushes, wheel, top coat, dotting tools), a pack of wheels, and the manicure mat.

On now to SinfulColors. Their summer story is 80s Flashback, under which there are three collections: Color Eccentric, Color Rebellious, and Color Symbolic.

I saw Color Rebellious first, at Fred Meyer; this has three new limited time "Moon Metal" glitters along with some core/repromotes. Left to right: Energetic Red, YOLO Yellow, Feel the Vibe, Cream Pink, Endless Blue, Starlight (new), Pop Queen (new), Cherish Me (new).

Walgreens had an 80s Flashback display with neons (Color Eccentric, though it's not labelled that here) and some SinfulShine colors (Color Symbolic, also not labelled as such). Top: Diamond Blogs, Eccentricity, Interglamatic (sold out), Jean Queen, Out in Space, She's from Mars, White On Time (has Limited Time sticker on cap that calls this "Illuminating Base"). I think these neons are new, but wonder how different they can be from last year's (and the year before). Bottom: Devious, Pragmatic, Prosecco, Rule My World (new), Tutu Thrill, So Symbolic (new), Top Coat.

Fred Meyer had a display with just Color Eccentric (so labelled): White on Time, Jean Queen, Diamond Blogs, Eccentricity, She's From Mars, Interglamatic, Out in Space, SinfulShine Top Coat (seems out of place here).

One Walgreens I was in had a skinny Color Eccentric display with six slots; this was missing the blue (Jean Queen) and yellow (Out in Space).

There's also a skinny Color Symbolic display out there; this particular Walgreens had some random shades in theirs along with the correct ones (including some Kylie colors that should have been clearanced out ages ago).

When I was in Michigan, I saw a sidekick with space for all three 80s Flashback collections. Alas, they were picked over by the time I got there so I didn't get any photos of a full one.

In addition to the three 80s collections, summer from SinfulColors also brings a red, white, and blue display called Free & Fierce, which has two new polishes in it and some repromotes/core. Left to right: Starry Eyed (x2, new), Snow Me White, Gogo Girl, Endless Blue, Snow Me White, Flame Game (new), Bluz Cruz.

There's also a corner display for Free & Fierce that some Walgreens have. It seems to have all the shades in the shelf display plus a random assortment of other shades (hard to tell what's supposed to be in there and what's been shoved in by folks neatening the store). I've seen Sleigh My Name, a gold Christmas glitter, in this one in at least two different stores.

A few Walgreens have started putting out fall SinfulColors displays, and since one has colors that look more like spring/summer, I don't blame them. The first collection I saw was Back to School: #GetBright, which I had to pull out and put on the floor to get a good photo of, as it was jammed on a short shelf by some sunscreen with the back display card pulled out and laid flat. Left to right: Snow Me White, Make a Scene (new), Under the Inbluence (new), In Your Elemelon (new), Quick Study (new), Acid Test (new), Lilac Out Loud (new), Black on Black. The new shades have cap stickers saying they're limited time Pastel Neon Matte (harks back to the Maybelline bleached neons of a few years ago).

The other Back to School collection I've seen is #SchoolGoals; that one has more subdued hues in it. Left to right: Whiteboard, Hazard, Pink Break, Lapis It Up, Rise & Shine, Taupe is Daupe, Blackboard, Clear Coat. Whiteboard, Pink Break, and Blackboard have "limited time Demi Matte" stickers on their caps, but they are not new, they're reissues (I think from 2015 but my search skills are failing me because I can't find that I have a pic of that original display).

The fall collections aren't on the Sinful website yet, but when I was checking I saw a 2017 Pride collection that looks interesting but which I have yet to see in any stores I've been in. Too bad, since they look like fun glitters rather than last year's cremes. Maybe they weren't released to stores here, though, as the "where to buy" section on the SinfulColors website only mentions Amazon and Curious.

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