Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wheel Q9: Magnetics from Layla and Others

I'll get back to displays later this week, but right now I want to get back into the routine of Nail Wheel Wednesday with some magnetics. As with most things polish-related, I went a little overboard when they were popular a while back. I did at least wait to buy most of the pricey Laylas until they went on clearance—I had to peel off the stickers before I photographed the bottles for this blog post.

(all two coats, with magnet applied after 2nd one for 10 to 15 seconds; as usual when doing magnetics on these wheels, it was a challenge to work with the magnets in the close, curved spaces but you can get the idea)

1. Layla Mangeffect Changing Lilac
2. Layla Mangeffect Velvet Groove
3. Layla Mangeffect Purple Galaxy [such a lovely shade]
4. Layla Mangeffect Golden Bronze
5. Layla Mangeffect Brown Sugar
6. Layla Mangeffect Golden Nugget [I might have called this one Cocktail Olive, as I see a lot of green tones here]
7. Layla Mangeffect Turquoise Wave
8. Layla Mangeffect Metallic Sky
9. Layla Mangeffect Blue Grey Flow
10. Layla Mangeffect Gun Metal
11. Layla Mangeffect Silver Galaxy [love the sparkles in this, and they lie nice and flat]
12. Layla Mangeffect Black Metal
13. Sally Hansen Magnetic Pink Force [hint of sparkle here is pleasing]
14. Sally Hansen Magnetic Marble Foil [purple marble? okay, I'd be into it]
15. Sally Hansen Magnetic Cosmic Blue
16. Sally Hansen Magnetic Slate Spark [very much like the blue microglitter in this one]
17. Sally Hansen Magnetic Atomic Alloy
18. Essence Nail Art Magnetics Witch You Were Here [used Layla magnet on this because I couldn't find my Essence one; having it separate from the cap makes it easier to manipulate but way easier to misplace]
19. Urban Outfitters Magnetic Sphere [the glitter in this and #20 does not lie flat, so I added topcoat and they still looked bumpy; it was also hard to get much magnetic effect out of them. I do like how the glitter pops in direct light, though]
20. Urban Outfitters Magnetic Planet

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 12:

12 through 17:

12 through 17, after cap overwrap removed:

18 through 20:

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  1. I admit I fell in love with magnetics too, when they came out. Actually the little "magic" that happens when using the magnet (and of course I bought a lot of them, with different shapes) still charms me. Maybe there has been a sort of "comeback" lately, with the single "cat eye" kind of pattern, I obviously bought also that one and fell in love with the result on an old Deborah magnetic of mine.


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