Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Patriotic Nails of the Day

I am so proud of myself: I did a holiday themed manicure in time for the actual holiday.

The blue base is SinfulShine True Kolor; the red is SinfulColors GoGo Girl. Both of those were two coats. My index and middle fingers are topped with two coats of Starry Eyed, while my ring finger and pinky have two coats of Flame Game. I added two layers of topcoat to keep the star points from sticking out.

The toppers are both from the Free & Fierce display. Starry Eyed was surprisingly well behaved for a shaped glitter; I generally got one or two stars in each brushful, though I did have to do some dabbing to get everything where I wanted it (and I did fish out a couple extra stars just because). In addition to the white star glitter, this has red and blue metallic glitter in the form of hexes of various sizes (more variation in the blue than the red), all in a clear base. Flame Game has iridescent mylar shreds and blue microflakies in a transparent base. This was even easier to apply than Starry Eyed, with the shreds tending to distribute pretty evenly.

I know it looks like one star point is cut off, but it's not; I just happened to cover it up with some red glitter and didn't notice until after the topcoat was on.

And because my hands don't mirror each other, here's my shy right hand:

I even managed a mountaintop mani shot when Mr. K and I went for a chairlift ride and short hike (the hike is why I don't have my wedding ring on; I get sausage fingers when I hike in the heat and my ring cuts in so I left it home just in case even though it wasn't very hot at the top).

I hope that those of you celebrating Independence Day are having a great time doing just what you want to. Mr. K and I plan to hike to an overlook to see the town's fireworks later; last year, our first out here for the 4th of July, we chose poorly and only saw the very highest explosions. This year, we think we've found a much better spot.


  1. Beautiful patriotic Mani! I hope your view of the fireworks is great!

  2. It is a very pretty manicure dear Karen! Smuack!♡

  3. Yeah, good for you and it looks like a small party on your nails so that's a double win :)
    I discovered this morning I completely forgot anything red-white-n-blue. It's a good thing July 4th is just another Tuesday over here but I had sort of, kind of, maybe planned a manicure. Oh well, better luck next year ;)

  4. Happy Independence Day! I love that star glitter :)


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