Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wheel U12: Solid Color Textures

Taking a break from the green cremes this week and featuring solid color textured polishes for Nail Wheel Wednesday. These range from obviously textured (but not as much as say, Zoya Pixie Dust) to hardly textured at all.

1. SinfulColors Race Rubber (2 coats)
2. SinfulColors Rain Rubber (2)
3. SinfulColors Burn Rubber (2) [these first three are PR samples from 2014's Full Throttle collection; the other two in the collection, which I bought at retail, are on Wheel V9]
4. Sinful Colors Shoot & Swishhh (2) [I still don't know for sure if they added a space to their brand name when they updated their look as of this collection]
5. Sinful Colors Warning (2)
6. Sinful Colors Fit Chick (2)
7. Sinful Colors Trainers (2)
8. Sinful Colors Double Time (2)
9. Sinful Colors Track Star (2)
10. Sinful Colors Fitspo (2) [4 through 10 are the Sporty Brights collection from earlier this year; it's a similar finish to the Full Throttle ones but the base isn't as shiny as those were, and the textured bits are slightly less prominent, whether because they're more rounded pieces or the base is thicker and surrounds them better I am not sure]
11. Julie G Sour Apple (3)
12. Julie G Lemon Drop (3)
13. Julie G Candy Shop (2)
14. Julie G Wild Cherry (3)
15. Julie G Pixi Stick (3)
16. Julie G Lolli Pop (2)
17. Julie G Sour Grape (3)
18. Julie G Sweet Tooth (3)
19. Julie G Licorice Twist (3) [11 through 19 are the Candy Shoppe Colors collection from 2015]
20. Nails Inc Latex Effect Camden Passage (2) [this was mess to work with, at least at this stage in its lifecycle; I had to add thinner but even then it was thick and didn't seem to form any texture other than lumpy; I thought maybe it was better when it was new but searched and found some reviews from 2014 where they'd had issues with application]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Sneaker-like Texture of SinfulColors Sporty Brights on the left vs. SinfulColors Full Throttle rubberized texture on the right:

Julie G jelly bean finish on the left vs. SinfulColors sneaker-like texture on the right:


  1. OMG Karen right up my street! Love these colourful and textures <3


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