Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wheel K13: Glitters from Salon Perfect

Much as I try to avoid Walmart, I do miss the days when they had big seasonal collections several times a year that I could go hunting for. Sure, I often got frustrated when I couldn't find them, but I found them often enough that it was worth the chase. Today I've got a whole wheel of glitters from the brand, many of them snagged off those seasonal displays.

(all have clear topcoat over glitter coats noted below)

1. Salon Perfect One Love (2 coats, over half black base)
2. Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust (2, over half black base)
3. Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler (1, over half black base)
4. Salon Perfect Dust to Dust (3)
5. Salon Perfect Cosmic Black (2)
6. Salon Perfect Platinum Party (3)
7. Salon Perfect Disco Ballin' (3)
8. Salon Perfect National Holi-yay (2)
9. Salon Perfect Star Light Star Bright (2)
10. Salon Perfect Bling Bursting in Air (2)
11. Salon Perfect Star Spangled Selfie (2)
12. Salon Perfect Firewerk (2)
13. Salon Perfect Glam Glitter (2)
14. Salon Perfect Lust at First Bite (2)
15. Salon Perfect Hearts a Flutter (2) [had to fish for the hearts; not sure if this always had a tinted base or if there's been bleeding of the glitter]
16. Salon Perfect Rose Gold Digger (2)
17. Salon Perfect Too Cute to Spook (2)
18. Salon Perfect Plumeria (2)
19. Salon Perfect Disco Diva (2)
20. Salon Perfect Foxy Lady (3)

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 12:

13 through 17:

18 through 20:








Some bonus shots in direct light:


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