Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wheel M13: Glitters from LA Splash and Charming Charlie

Today it's back to glitters for Nail Wheel Wednesday. I got the LA Splash when I lived in Michigan and could stop at one of the Bed Bath & Beyond stores that has a beauty section on my way home from work; some I grabbed on clearance when they stopped carrying the line. The Charming Charlie I happened across when I went into one of their stores looking for a tassel keychain like one my friend had that I wanted.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below)

1. LA Splash Be Mine (1 coat over half black base)
2. LA Splash Sweet Heart (1 over half black base)
3. LA Splash Love Crush (1 over half black base)
4. LA Splash Wonderland (1 over half black base)
5. LA Splash Fabuluxe (2)
6. LA Splash Embellished (2)
7. LA Splash Sparkling Wave (2)
8. LA Splash Midnight Rain (2)
9. LA Splash Heiress (3)
10. LA Splash Ocean Sprinkles (3)
11. LA Splash Mystique (2)
12. LA Splash Oceans Fairy (2)
13. LA Splash Conch Cocoa (2) [loving this one ... maybe because it's fall now and I've got earth tones on the brain]
14. Charming Charlie More Money More Problems (3) [I don't recall what this looked like new, but suspect it's had some glitter bleeding
15. Charming Charlie Feeling Lucky (3)
16. Charming Charlie Owning Everest (3)
17. Charming Charlie Icicle Blue (3)
18. Charming Charlie That's Just Grape (3)
19. Charming Charlie Pour Some Glitter on Me (3) [wish I'd put this over a black base so the holo microglitter could shine]
20. Charming Charlie Tease-y Does It (2 over peachy beige base)

Bottles 1 through 7:


8 through 13:


14 through 17:


18 through 20:









A couple direct light shots to show the holo sparks in some of these:



  1. These are some great glitters :-D

    1. Ananka, thanks. I do love me some sparkle. :)

  2. 19 looks like a dupe for Sally Hansen Grape Shifter

    1. Good point. If I knew where I'd put my Grape Shifter, I could compare. :D

  3. They all looks mega lovely 🧡🧡 Regards!!


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